thin and light

Samsung X460 is looking pretty good so far

I’ve come to the sad realization that I find business laptops more appealing than consumer laptops now. But this is the life I’ve been dealt, and life is like a hot air balloon — you can mov

Japan's newest super light, super tough notebook

New rule; No challenging the MacBook Air if you can’t beat it in the thickness department. It’s one of its main selling points, if not THE main selling point. According to Electronista, &#

Samsung abuses 'ultra portable' privilege with P200

New rule: no using the term “ultra portable” to describe a notebook that weighs “a mere 1.89kg” — roughly 4.2 pounds — and has a battery that tops out at just barel

Panasonic releases rugged-but-light notebooks

Light AND durable notebooks? Is it possible? Apparently it is. Panasonic’s three new "business-rugged notebook computers" make up the 7 series and include the the T7 tablet replacement

Review: Sony VGN-SZ650N/C thin and light notebook

The VAIO SZ6 series is a relatively new addition to Sony’s notebook line. I picked up the VGN-SZ650N/C model, which features a 13.3" screen, carbon fiber casing, long battery life, dual gra