The Oatmeal’s Legal Battle Ends (I Hope) With A Giant Bag of Money

Okay, there isn't much news here, but this is too fun not to post. If you're reading this, you probably don't need a lot of recapping of the legal dispute between cartoonist Matthew Inman, creator

Failed Anti-Oatmeal Lawyer Says “Mission Accomplished”

In what appears to be a final burst of notoriety-seeking and odd behavior, <a href="">Funnyjunk's crack lawyer, Charles Carreon</a>, told Ars that he had won be

FunnyJunk Attorney Charles Carreon Drops Lawsuit Against Oatmeal Creator

Charles Carreon, the attorney with theĀ <a href="">the infamous lawsuit ag

TheOatmeal Fights Back Against Troll Lawyer

<a target="_blank" href="">TheOatmeal</a> is a great web comic featuring funny birthday cards, wacky bear sex, and other merriment. It's drawn by Matthew Inman and is great. Now,