• Installing the Whitoken theme on your iPod Touch

    It seems like only yesterday that we were slobbering over the Whitoken theme for the iPod Touch. Well, today you can install this amazing theme with a little muss and fuss. The first step is to jailbreak your iPod with redsn0w and install Cydia, the app installer, and theme manager Winterboard. QuickPWN will take up the slack for you, showing you all the steps necessary to make your iPod look… Read More

  • There's more than one way to skin a Firefox

    TechCrunch reported on the Mozilla Labs Personas work, allowing you to theme your Firefox web browser. I share Robin’s opinion that Mozilla should maybe, just maybe, focus on making Firefox a kick ass web browser, and leave the doodads and geegaws for other folks. Enter Brand Thunder, a company in Columbus, OH looking to “offer companies a compelling, patent-pending solution… Read More

  • Have You Found The Easter Eggs In Google Homepages?

    Google released six custom themes for personalized homepages yesterday and while most would be happy with them, I was not. So, of course, I did a search via Google to see if there might be some Easter eggs hidden somewhere and look what I found! There are five known Easter eggs for the six themes, but a “Bus Stop” egg hasn’t been found yet. Looking at the XML file for each… Read More

  • RAZR Gets An iPhone Theme

    It’s understandable that someone would want to skin their smartphone with an iPhone skin while they wait for the real thing to drop. A number of iPhone themes have appeared and a few of them actually look decent. But a Motorola RAZR? I guess nothing says “iPhone” more than a cheap, crappy phone that every person in the country has. Completely useless? Totally. Still want it? Read More