MoviePass readies a Labor Day return

MoviePass’ planned return will officially just miss the summer holiday rush. Interested parties will be able to sign up for the service’s waiting list this Thursday. The move, which was noted

Fandango is acquiring rival online ticketer

A consolidation in the advance movie ticketing space is happening today, with Fandango's announcement that it's acquiring rival for an undisclosed sum. The deal, which is expected to

TodayTix Stages A Mobile Coup Of The $50 Billion Theater Ticket Business

Concerts! Sports! Theater? Event startups have largely ignored musicals and plays but the fact is they’re an enormous business driven by high-spending theater addicts “whales”. That&

Buy Last-Minute Broadway Tickets With TodayTix

Mobile accounted for more than 50% of ecommerce last year, yet was just 0.08% of Broadway sales. TodayTix is changing that with its last-minute theater ticket app, and it’s making good money along

Digital projectors coming to more theaters thanks to deal with movie studios

Digital cinemas are astounding and everyone from common folk to AV nerds can see a huge difference. The problem is that the systems are expensive – damn expensive – like a 100k a screen.

Round Sound

This giant speaker, dubbed “The Eyeball,” by those who fear it, is actually a large four-way coaxial speaker. It is designed for movie theaters and offers dynamic range and loudness for or