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Governments are cracking down on fake token sales

From Howeycoin to a Chinese study that found 421 fake token sales, governments and researchers are finally shedding light on bad actors in the token sale space. Take, for example, Operation Cryptoswee

Amazon to spend $2.5M on university competition to build “socialbot”

If you need an Uber, Amazon Alexa has your back. Unfortunately if what you need is a conversation buddy, the personal assistant isn’t quite up to the task. In an effort to bolster Alexa’s

Robots will cover the Olympics for The Washington Post

The Washington Post announced today that it will use artificial intelligence to report key information about the Olympics. The software will contribute The Post’s coverage of Rio 2016 by posting ra

Amazon Prime Members Can Now Get The Washington Post Free For 6 Months

When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post back in 2013, there was some speculation regarding why the exec, who claimed to know nothing about the newspaper business, would want to purchase

Technology Is Magic, Just Ask The Washington Post

Most people don't understand how technology works. When they flip a light switch, or tap their phone, what happens next is essentially magic to them. Oh, they may be able to handwave a bit about elect

While We’re Trying To Follow His Game Of Checkers, Jeff Bezos Is Playing Chess

A few years ago, I just didn't get it. I couldn't for the life of me understand how a company like Amazon could operate, let alone flourish. I spent the majority of my time following Apple, a company

The Washington Post Launches Trove, A Personalized Social News Site

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">The Washington Post Company</a> this morn