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Disruptor Beam’s ‘Walking Dead: March to War’ puts you in the middle of a zombified Washington, D.C.

Disruptor Beam has already created games based on Star Trek and Game of Thrones. Next up is The Walking Dead, with the launch of The Walking Dead: March to War. To build the game, which was first anno

Board Up The House, The Walking Dead Video Game Is Coming

<img src="">You knew this was going to happen. It was inevitable. The Walking Dead succesfully made the jump from a comic book to

Video: Every Zombie Death in The Walking Dead

We’re big fans of The Walking Dead around here. Well, we’re big fans of the TV show never having read the comics. But both John and I both feel like there could be a bit more zombie action

Open Thread: The Walking Dead Season 1

Minor Spoilers. The first season — if you can call six episodes a season — of The Walking Dead wrapped up last night in a slightly predictable manner. John and I have been watching the sho

The Walking Dead Gets A Fan-Made Opening Credits

Forget Mad Men and Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead will be the new king of AMC when it premieres on October 31st. A dedicated fan made the video above simply out of his love for the comic and upcoming