the singularity

Why we are still light years away from full artificial intelligence

The future is here... or is it? With so many articles proliferating the media space on how humans are at the cusp of full AI, it’s no wonder that we believe that the future -- which is full of robot

The last driver license holder

Say hello to Liam. He recently celebrated his first birthday. Not only is he a cutie, he is the last person to get a driver license. Impossible? Not in your lifetime? I don't know if Liam will be the

The automation of design

Murphy’s Law decrees: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” For any of us whose livelihood depends on our labor, things going wrong could mean: “Anything that can be automated, will be

Human obsolescence: Are we ready for an artificially intelligent future?

“Enjoy your com-FORT-able stay,” says a robot front-desk clerk at Japan’s Robot Hotel. Do you thank the robot for its awkward salutation? Or maybe you hesitate for a moment before shuffling off

In the singularity, we’ll still be using the same garbage trucks

Our cities face a choice: find creative ways to integrate today's technology into their DNA or have entire systems get left behind. Urban populations are growing, infrastructure is aging and needs are

The automation revolution and the rise of the creative economy

Only three main occupations were available to intrepid job seekers 10,000 years ago: hunting, gathering and procreation. Since then, the job market has advanced dramatically, developing into something

The era of AI-human hybrid intelligence

You hear a lot these days about the potential for impending doom as AI becomes ever smarter. Big names are calling for caution: the futurist optimism of protagonists like Ray Kurzweil is outweighed by

The funny things happening on the way to singularity

People often ask me about the impact of 3D printing on jobs. Will the technology be a job creator or destroyer? The short answer is, it will take more jobs than it makes -- and 3D printing is not alon

Will capitalism survive the robot revolution?

Economic experts are trying to figure out a question that just two decades ago seemed ridiculous: If 90 percent of human jobs are replaced by robots in the next 50 years -- something now considered pl

Why you should fear artificial intelligence

I have voraciously read endless pro and con scenarios about artificial intelligence since first writing about it years ago. There is no doubt that concerns about the dangers of runaway AI raised by El

In pursuit of empathetic machines

The universal reaction to Atlas, the newly upgraded next-generation humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics (a company owned by Alphabet), was lots of empathy. Unmindful of being punched, pushed and tease

The singularity is never coming, but it’s already here

When I heard Ray Kurzweil present the concept of the singularity to a small group at TED, the idea that computing power advances would ultimately allow thinking machines to advance beyond humans' abil

Is Singularity Near?

The 11th of December 2015, Open AI, a nonprofit artificial intelligence research company was announced to the world. With $1 billion in funding from high-profile investors, such as Elon Musk, Reid Hof