The Sims

The Sims gets its own in-game Alexa-style assistant, Lin-Z

There’s nothing like The Sims to log off from reality for a bit. Getting away from the increasingly ubiquitous world of smart assistants, on the other hand, is a different matter entirely. EA announ

SimCity Creator Will Wright’s New App Wants To Create A Graphic Novel Of Your LIfe

The creator of SimCity, Will Wright, has come out with a new app called THRED — and it isn't a game. Instead, Wright describes it as a natively built way to browse "the World Wide Web" in a more

EA Releases The Sims FreePlay For The iPhones And iPad

Get ready to set your house on fire! <em>The Sims</em> are back and are awaiting their invisible leader -- you. Players have full control over a number of Sim characters just like <em>The Sims</em> of

Direct2Drive Gets The Sims, Puts Them On Sale

<img src="" />We talk about <a HREF="">Steam</a> seemingly every 18 seconds here, so it's only fair

The Sims Have Gone Medieval

<img src="" /><i>The Sims</i>, still going strong. <a HREF="">EA</a> has announced the development of a

Sims 3 slowly making its way to consoles later this year

<img class="left" src="" alt="" />What’s the big holdup here? Apparently the latest version of real-life simulator, <em>The Sims 3</

CrunchDeals: Sims 3 for $30

<img src="" alt="Sims 3" />Whether you love the Sims franchise or not, the PC version is $30 (today only). That's $10 off just about everywhere

CrunchDeals: The Sims Online goes free

[photopress:8_sims_online.jpg,full,center] The Sims were fun. I remember my ex-girlfriend would spend hours ignoring me and Tony Hawk while she sat hunched over her Mac’s keyboard making them go