• Apple Patent For Customized Podcasts

    Apple filed a patent January 9 that describes a method for automatically creating customized podcast mashups from various podcasts. Here’s the Abstract on the Patent from Apple Improved techniques to facilitate generation, management and delivery of personalized media items for users are disclosed. Users are able to influence or control content within a media item being personalized. In… Read More

  • Podcasts Taking Off (Again): eMarketer

    Some interesting new figures have been released by eMarketer today that shows that podcasts are taking off in both traffic and revenue, and the outlook is even better again. The general view on podcasting is that it had been passed by as video became the hot vertical, particularly as earlier iPod’s gave way to new players that supported video as well as audio. These figures would… Read More

  • Twitter As a Conduit For Fiction?

    Last week we ran a story on figures out of Japan where half of the top ten selling works of fiction are written on mobile phones; people (not surprisingly) thought this was rather odd, but sales figures don’t lie. A new project founded by The Podcast Network CEO Cameron Reilly, Twittories, is aiming to see whether Twitter can be use to create fiction. To quote Cameron on the idea: My… Read More

  • The Podcast Network Signs John Cleese For Video Podcast

    The Podcast Network (TPN) has announced the signing of English actor, writer and comedian John Cleese for an exclusive video podcast series titled “Headcast.” Cleese describes the show as “a somewhat humorous, somewhat more thoughtful, [a conduit that] gives me a chance to sound off in my old age.” A free version will be made available over the next few months on… Read More