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  • Someone recreated The Office’s Dunder Mifflin in explorable 3D and I love it

    Someone recreated The Office’s Dunder Mifflin in explorable 3D and I love it

    The Office is one of two shows that we have on near-constant rotation in our house. It won’t sound too weird, then, when I say that trying to mentally recreate the layout of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch is something I’ve found myself doing more than once. You too? Good news! Now someone has done it in fully explorable, browser-friendly 3D. Read More

  • Parkour flip book-style
    There is no way I can make fun of this dude or state that he simply must have too much time on his hands. The video is just too damn good. Watch it and then click the read more link below to watch the best parkour video of all time. Read More

  • CSI finally coming to Blu-ray

    CSI helped defined HD in its early years and now it will finally be available on Blu-ray. The show, along with ER, was one of the first primetime programs to showcase why the 16:9 format at a higher definition was so damn spectacular. I don’t even think CSI: Miami would still be on the air if it wasn’t for the HD eye candy compensating for the horrendous acting. Anyway, the… Read More

  • The Office: Battlestar Galactica bit

    Anyone see The Office last night? I laughed out loud at the Battlestar Galactica bit. You? Here it is again for your viewing pleasure. For those of you who missed it, here’s the premise: Dwight claims that he never wastes the company’s time on personal activities, so Jim takes to using a stop watch to document every single second that Dwight is off task. In order to get him all… Read More

  • NBC thinks it has finally figured out how to prevent unauthorized YouTubery

    The real Office Let’s all congratulate NBC for seemingly having figured out how to prevent its great content, like clips of Saturday Night Live, from appearing on the likes of YouTube and Dailymotion. Well done, chaps! NBC told CNET that it’s gotten to the point that unauthorized video clips (like from the Olympics or The Office) are removed so quickly that there’s hardly a… Read More

  • Free content from NBC on the iPhone

    NBC is giving away free episodes of hit shows on the iPhone (and Touch). All you have to do is go to on an iPhone and you will get the invite to watch full episodes. This doesn’t make sense to me. Yesterday, we find out that they will sell their shows on the Zune for the same price as Apple.  Then, they turn around and give it away for free to iPhone users. If NBC was trying… Read More

  • Zune Marketplace adds NBC content (for the same price as iTunes)

    Devin already gave us most of the details of Microsoft’s new Zune Marketplace yesterday, but with today’s official announcement comes additional information. First, lots of folks, including the AP, are making a big deal about the presence of NBC content on the new Marketplace. You may remember that NBC and Apple went their separate ways last year when Apple refused to cede to… Read More

  • Man follows GPS directions onto train tracks, car destroyed

    Someone’s been recreating episodes of “The Office” in his spare time. A California man drove into a Metro North commuter train last night in upstate New York because “the GPS system [told] him to turn right, and he [turned] right onto the railroad tracks.” You read that right. Because the GPS “told him” to turn right, he turned right then had his… Read More