• MediaMax/TheLinkup Closes Its Doors

    After a tumultuous history including lost data, upset users, and seemly endless name changes, TheLinkup (aka MediaMax) has shut its doors. Users of the storage site will be unable to access their files after August 8th. The company has a long (and extremely confusing) history. In our last post on the site, Charlie Jackson, one of the company’s investors, left a comment explaining… Read More

  • New Scandal At MediaMax Gives Us Excuse To Embed A Video Clip From The Office

    MediaMax, a perpetually controversial San Diego based startup, says we need a social network around paper products file sharing. More on that in a minute (as well as a relevant video clip from The Office), but first a note on a new scandal brewing. In the past few weeks, we’ve received a number of complaints about MediaMax, the troubled file storage site that lost vast amounts of its… Read More