the Internet

  • Study: We're running out of bandwidth!

    Nemertes Research has been checking out usage patterns and monitoring bandwidth usage for a while now, and their conclusions are rather alarming if you believe them: by 2012 the internet as it stands will pretty much max out on bandwidth. Readers of tech sites like this one are probably not too surprised about the increasing need for bandwidth in applications, games, and services &mdash… Read More

  • We want more porn: The jam of 2008 (so far)

    I’m sitting at the airport in San Francisco, where I’ve been since early this morning, as every flight I need to be on is cancelled or, as is my current flight, delayed by hours and hours. Thankfully, my friend Shanon posted this gem on MySpace that cheered me up, i hope it has the same effect on you. Thanks, Shanon! Read More