The Future!

  • Square Enix boss claims console gaming on its last legs (and he's right)

    Yoichi Wada is the president and CEO of Square Enix. Square Enix is a very big video game developer and publisher, responsible for games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts. Hence, his words mean an awful lot. His latest words: console gaming, as we know it today, has only a few years left in it. The future? It’s all about the network, baby!~ Read More

  • Bill Gates on future: The Internet! Robots! Touch!

    It seems to me that Bill Gates can’t be a geek anymore. At a recent Microsoft Asia forum he said that the future will be web-based apps, touch interfaces, and robotic artificial intelligence. This boils down to Bill saying a) Office is going to get eaten b) the iPhone is kicking butt c) the Roomba is great. Why doesn’t the richest man in the world offer more than these tired bromides? Read More

  • Lessig: prepare for "i-9/11" and "i-Patriot Act"

    Lawrence Lessig, a noted legal activist and futurist if you’re not familiar with him, theorizes an “i-9/11” (inside job or otherwise) after which the Government would expand its control and supervision over the internet substantially. I think he’s hit the nail on the head and actually I’m surprised it didn’t happen years ago. It’s a bit conspiracy… Read More

  • Going towards the light: Researchers look into replacing wire chip interfaces with optical

    The interface between the CPU and the motherboard is a good place for electricity and heat leakage, and it’s also a computation bottleneck. In the interest of faster, better supercomputers (probably to better calculate oil revenues), the Pentagon has granted Sun Microsystems a $44 million contract to investigate an alternative to the physical connections which seem to be holding out… Read More

  • ECTACO jetBook e-Book reader: BEHOLD THE FUTURE!

    Here it is, you guys; the book of the future. It’s the $350 ECTACO jetBook — the “ultimate pocket library.” It’s got a 5-inch screen yet “fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.” My what an enormous palm you have, sir. It’s got a cool translation feature wherein you can translate snippets of text between English and Russian and Polish. You can… Read More

  • Airlines inching closer to paperless boarding passes

    In another huge victory for paperless enthusiasts everywhere, it appears that using your cell phone as a boarding pass is on the horizon. Since December, Continental has been testing a paperless option for flights out of Houston. The boarding pass “is an image of an encrypted bar code displayed on the phone’s screen, which can be scanned by gate agents and security… Read More

  • 'iPod Death Clock' predicts bucket-kicking dates

    According to, the iPod touch I purchased a month ago has just under 800 days left until it leaves this world behind, touching the lives of so many people during its short stay here. Ha! "Touching" the lives of…sigh…never mind. It apparently also only has 92% of the battery capacity remaining. What a rip! Anyway, you can use this site to input your… Read More

  • Smart shopping carts headed for London supermarkets?

    Shopping carts rigged up with a touch screens and barcode scanners might find their way into London supermarkets soon, according to Reuters. You’d simply scan an item and get a readout of how many calories, fat, and whatnot it contains. It’d be similar to looking at the back of item with your eyes except with a few more steps involved. Read More

  • Desk From The Future, I Salute You!

    We like The Future. Everything about The Future seems exciting, including desks. Yes, desks, as in Desks of The Future. What is so futuristic about this Herman Miller desk? It charges your gear, that’s what. Sure, you can get desks, or even lamps, with USB for charging your gadgets, but this desk doesn’t need that, instead using HyperVoodoo Mutli-scaling Active-charge… Read More