The Force Unleashed

  • PhoneSaber returns to the App Store as Lightsaber Unleashed

    After disappearing off the app store for just over a month following an amicable take down request by THQ Wireless/LucasArts, the iPhone lightsaber simulator PhoneSaber has returned. Its got a new name and a new look, but all of the accelerometer based lightsaber swinging good times remain. Rather than being lame and just yanking the idea for themselves, THQ Wireless brought the original… Read More

  • Exclusive: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for iPhone

    [ As far as we know and to THQ Wireless’ knowledge we’re the first with any sort of footage for the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and here it is for all of you readers. It’s a very cool game and an ingenious way of using the touchscreen. The accelerometer is only used to switch gameplay from landscape to portrait… Read More

  • Video: Preview of The Force Unleashed This is a great preview video for the forthcoming Star Wars game The Force Unleashed. It shows that not only does the game look like it’s going to be awesome, it demonstrates the different capabilities that the different platforms it’s made for have. If you like Star Wars or games, watch it. Read More