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What are the new must-hit startup metrics?

This year, we're told, profit is in and growth is out. And yet there's some indication that growth expectations may be higher than ever. Let's attempt to square the circle.

Is Silicon Valley really losing its crown?

You can argue the point of Silicon Valley's purported centrality to the globally dominant United States startup market either way.

Venture investors hit the brakes on productivity software

The pandemic boost to productivity-themed startups is at least partially over. Venture investors may be hunting up something new.

Declining VC investment into LatAm startups could throttle digital growth

The decline in venture capital into Latin American startups may not prove lethal. However, it may slow the pace at which LatAm economies digitize.

A quick checkup on consumer fintech activity ahead of Q3 data

How healthy does the consumer fintech market look from a trading and investing perspective following the summer lull?

Intuitive Machines bets the moon could be big business

This deep into 2022, you might think that SPAC deals were over, done, dusted, forgotten. And yet, Intuitive Machines is pursuing a SPAC-led debut to the public markets as we speak.

5 questions for venture capital in Q3 2022

We’re gearing up for a wave of venture capital data that will start to drop in less than two weeks' time. Here’s what we want to determine when we get the final figures in.

Keeping financial tabs on Instacart as it preps its IPO

Instacart's willingness to go public this year is now slightly better understood after The Wall Street Journal reported that it isn't planning on a mega-fundraise when it does list.

No money for shelfware

SaaS management companies are an opportunity within an otherwise crowded market.

After the Figma-Adobe deal, which design startups are acquisition targets?

News that Adobe will buy upstart design software unicorn Figma for $20 billion was the single largest event in startup land this week, a surprise upset over the Ethereum Merge coming to fruition.

How about that $20B Figma-Adobe deal?

A doubling of a 2021-era valuation in 2022 is a massive win, given how far the valuation bands for technology companies have shifted in the last year.

Show me the utility!

At some point you begin to wonder if we're seeing more hope than reality in terms of use cases for NFTs.

YC batch shows founders remain optimistic about fintech

Taking another look at the recent cohort of startups that went through the American accelerator Y Combinator, you wouldn’t really be able to tell that fintech had lost much of its founder favor.

Big hopes for the upcoming Ethereum Merge

Given how long the Merge has been in the offing, you might expect that it will swoop in and de-kink every part of the Ethereum blockchain. It will not.

Has France cracked the YC recipe?

Three of the eight French startups selected for Y Combinator's Summer 22 batch are also former residents of the Station F campus in Paris, so we chatted with its director, Roxanne Varza.

Open source startups have a natural growth model: PLG

Does open source software (OSS) lead to businesses that by nature pursue a product-led growth (PLG) model?

Let’s get in the weeds about fintech AUM

New information provides an interesting window into what fintech companies may be worth today -- and which might be overvalued.

It’s not just you: The freemium bar is shifting

Here's another sign of the times: Free tiers are becoming less generous.

Tracking cybersecurity investment during the venture downturn

Is cybersecurity venture capital deal activity holding up better than other sectors this deep into Q3?

Venture capital appears to slow its web3 funding rush

Venture capital data thus far in the third quarter indicates that investment into blockchain-focused startups is on pace to contract dramatically compared to recent quarters and the heady 2021 period.
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