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Today’s AI funding rush reminds me of the fintech investing hype of 2021

We're seeing a lot of folks push their capital into just a few squares on the betting table. One way or another, the result is going to be notable.

Spotify’s layoffs make sense when you consider its margins and market

Spotify is simply tinkering with its economics so that it is more attractive to investors. That means it needs to pay fewer salaries.

Shein a light

We won't be getting our hands on a Shein filing just yet, but we can’t wait to.

Why Rover’s $2.3B sale price makes good sense

The Rover deal is expensive, but it has some notable caveats that tell us quite a lot about the state of the market for tech, and tech-enabled, companies.

Good news, startups: Q3 software results are changing the tech narrative

New data from Salesforce, Zuora, Okta, Nutanix and Snowflake makes it plain that several tech sectors are doing better than a lot of people expected.

Why is cybersecurity venture funding so tepid despite the strong demand?

Has late-stage investing declined so much that no technology subsector can really post impressive investment numbers?

The 2024 IPO cohort is coming into focus as Shein, Reddit prep to go public

If Shein and Reddit can do better than our miniscule tech IPO class of 2023, they could leave the sort of accelerative impact that tech startups so desperately need right now.

What to look out for in this week’s deluge of SaaS earnings reports

Here's a rundown of the key names reporting third-quarter results this week and what we might learn from them.

Who would’ve guessed the powerful folk would win the AI fight?

So, there were some nonprofit folks up against a wall of money and influence. Guess who won?

Just how big of a recovery will it take to bring investors back to web3?

The crypto community has been enjoying a welcome reprieve from the dismal climate of the past year but it's unclear if these recent gains will translate into more lasting interest in the decentralized

Effective accelerationism, doomers, decels, and how to flaunt your AI priors

Several political perspectives are shaping quite a lot of the work on artificial intelligence, and so we need to understand them, especially now.

Time for moderation?

Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen made it clear that while he was keen on buying Convoy because of the "incredible tech stack" it built, he wasn't buying its strategy.

Rising interest rates are helping more than just fintech-focused companies

It's notable that interest rates have risen so much that revenue from cash holdings have grown large enough that their positive earnings impact is broadening.

Maybe compliance tech really is a good startup bet

Thoma Bravo is paying a fat premium to take EQS private ahead of what it anticipates to be a lucrative time for the company's market segment.

The bull case for software growth in 2024

Can tech companies meet rising investor confidence in their value with future results that will defend or extend those gains?

Building a conservative internet is an expensive proposition

New data from TMTG and Rumble can help us understand how right-leaning social media services with long-term goals of building less restricted digital infrastructure are faring.

This VC firm thinks that AI automation could resurrect startup valuations

If the savings are even half as good as Battery seems to think that they may prove, startups could be in for a more efficient, and more valuable, future.

Will Airbnb’s co-founder build your next home?

Samara raised $41 million "to bring high quality ADUs to every backyard in California and beyond." ADUs refer to accessory dwelling units, or more plainly, backyard homes.

How well did Klaviyo, Arm and Instacart actually do in their first test on the public markets?

Let's do a quick summary of results from Arm, Klaviyo, and Instacart, and ask how they perform once we allow for IPO-related costs.

Stablecoin company Circle going public makes good sense

It may seem incongruous to see Circle considering going public during a crypto winter, but the IPO does not come as a massive surprise given its source of revenue.
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