The Difference Engine

  • LoveYourLarder wants to be an Etsy-for-foodies

    LoveYourLarder, which soft-launched late last year, is pitching itself as an “Etsy-for-foodies”. It’s an apt reference since the site offers users a way to discover and buy hard-to-find ingredients or “artisan” food and drink from independent producers in the UK. Like Etsy, it’s also a classic long tail play in that it aggregates the products of those who… Read More

  • In the era of austerity, publicly-funded The Difference Engine slashes investment budget

    Citing a change in the “political landscape”, The Difference Engine, a publicly-funded Ycombinator-style acceleration programme for early-stage tech businesses, is making cuts to its investment budget. As a result, they’ve reduced the overall funding from £20k per team to £5k for the idea plus £3,200 per founder (max 3 founders) for which they have also reduced the… Read More

  • The Difference Engine Brings TechStars/YCombinator Mentality To UK

    The Difference Engine is shaping up to be the kind of raw, Web 2.0 incubator the UK has lacked for some time. Whereas Seedcamp tends to take more fully formed early stage startups on, The Difference Engine is closer to having a hacker mentality. When you want to just go and build a product, this might be the kind of programme that appeals. Word on the street is that the programme is sidling up… Read More