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NYT’s ‘The Daily’ now reaches 2 million listeners per day

The New York Times’ popular podcast “The Daily” is continuing to grow. The news media organization this morning announced its show — which today is ranked No. 7 on Apple’

What The Daily Got Right From Day One

<b>Editor's note: </b><em>Brian Alvey is chief scientist and founder of <a target="_blank" href="">Ceros</a>. </em> News Corp announced earlier this week that it was shuttin

Why Magazine Apps Suck

Well, <em>The Daily</em> failed. It wasn’t all that fun while it lasted. And it didn’t last all that long. If everyone had known that it was going to cost $25 million a year to run, it probably wo

The Daily’s Final Day: About 100 Employees In The Newsroom, Little Inkling Of Layoffs

I spoke to a person inside <a href="">The Daily</a> who held a $40,000 reporter position for the now shuttered "daily iPad newspaper." While not completely blindsi

News Corp’s iPad-Only Newspaper, The Daily, Shutting Down, Brand And Some Staff Folded Into New York Post

News Corp today announced that The Daily, it's iPad-only digital newspaper publication, would be stopping its standalone publication effective December 15, 2012. The Daily will continue as a brand as

AOL Editions Delivers A Daily Briefing To Your iPad

The dream of a personalized magazine tuned just for you keeps showing itself on the iPad. Today's edition comes from <a href="">AOL Editions</a>, which is finally coming out after

Watch: The Daily Gets The Lowdown On What It's Like To Be A Startup At Disrupt NYC

<img src="" />There were a lot of stellar startups at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC last week, and unfortunately, there could only be on

'The Daily' Finds The Richest Dog In South Dakota

<img src="" alt="" /> After The Daily editor Jesse Angelo's <a href="

Rumor: The Daily Coming To Android This Spring

<img src="" />Did anyone else <a href="

Next Question: What's A Publishing App?

<img src=""> <blockquote>We created subscriptions for publishing apps, not SaaS apps.

The Daily's "Find Me The Oldest Dog In America" Line Goes Mainstream [Video]

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Despite Pushback From Pubs, Apple Will Make iTunes Subscription Billing Mandatory

<img src=""> When Rupert Murdoch's <em>The Daily</em> launched last week, Apple's VP Eddy Cue got on stage to announce <a href="https://techc

Fly Or Die: Can The Daily Make It?

<img src="" /> The big product <a href="">launch</

Like Any Good Hack, The Daily: Indexed Creates A Feature That Is Needed

<img src=""> One thing about <em>The Daily</em> that bugged me from the second I first laid eyes on the iPad newspaper that <a href="h

Hop The Paywall And Read The Daily For Free

<img src="">News Corp finally released <a href="">The Daily</a> into the wild world

What Are The Odds We'll See An Android Version Of The Daily?

<img src="" />News Corp. and <a HREF="">Apple</a> have just announced the launch of <a HREF="ht

Hands-On With The Daily (Demo Video)

<img src=""/> After today's <a href="">unveiling of T

One-Click Subscriptions Come To the iPad

<img src="" class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" /> Apple exec Eddy Cue <a href="

Rupert Murdoch: "New Times, Demand New Journalism"

<img src="" class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" /> Today, Rupert Murdoch is <a href="

iPad Mags Need A New Blueprint

<img src=""> Ever since the iPad came out, print media companies have been feeling their way in this new medium, but so far they've just b
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