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  • What The Daily Got Right From Day One

    What The Daily Got Right From Day One

    Editor’s note: Brian Alvey is chief scientist and founder of Ceros.  News Corp announced earlier this week that it was shutting down The Daily. The following day, TechCrunch writer and CrunchFund General Partner MG Siegler criticized the iPad-only magazine, as well as other mag apps for being too big to quickly download and for clinging to a magazine format. Read More

  • Why Magazine Apps Suck

    Why Magazine Apps Suck

    Well, The Daily failed. It wasn’t all that fun while it lasted. And it didn’t last all that long. If everyone had known that it was going to cost $25 million a year to run, it probably would have been easy to predict its eventual failure. At a high level, the reality is simple: the economics didn’t come close to working. But because the media industry loves nothing more… Read More

  • The Daily’s Final Day: About 100 Employees In The Newsroom, Little Inkling Of Layoffs

    The Daily’s Final Day: About 100 Employees In The Newsroom, Little Inkling Of Layoffs

    I spoke to a person inside The Daily who held a $40,000 reporter position for the now shuttered “daily iPad newspaper.” While not completely blindsided, they had little inkling of what was going on inside the paper but there was always an undercurrent of doubt. “When the layoffs happened in the summer,” they said, “you saw it coming. People were dropping off.” Read More

  • News Corp’s iPad-Only Newspaper, The Daily, Shutting Down, Brand And Some Staff Folded Into New York Post

    News Corp’s iPad-Only Newspaper, The Daily, Shutting Down, Brand And Some Staff Folded Into New York Post

    News Corp today announced that The Daily, it’s iPad-only digital newspaper publication, would be stopping its standalone publication effective December 15, 2012. The Daily will continue as a brand as part of “other channels,” according to a News Corp press release, including The New York Post, which will adopt its technology section and other components, as well as take on… Read More

  • AOL Editions Delivers A Daily Briefing To Your iPad

    AOL Editions Delivers A Daily Briefing To Your iPad

    The dream of a personalized magazine tuned just for you keeps showing itself on the iPad. Today’s edition comes from AOL Editions, which is finally coming out after much fine-tuning and a silly video. (Disclosure: TechCrunch is also owned by AOL). Editions assembles a digital magazine for you once a day from a variety of online news sources and blogs—The Atlantic, Businessweek… Read More

  • Watch: The Daily Gets The Lowdown On What It's Like To Be A Startup At Disrupt NYC

    There were a lot of stellar startups at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC last week, and unfortunately, there could only be one set of finalists and one winner. Of course, that doesn’t mean that those companies that didn’t make the final heat aren’t worthy of some love. The Daily followed the entrepreneurs behind three Disrupt NYC battlefield competitors, SpotOn, Spenz, and Madbrook… Read More

  • 'The Daily' Finds The Richest Dog In South Dakota

    After The Daily editor Jesse Angelo’s colorful memo about what constitutes compelling bullshit journalism became more an impetus for Internet mockery than staff enthusiasm, Stephen Colbert challenged the The Daily’s young journalists to go beyond Angelo’s edict to “Find me the oldest dog in America [too late], or the richest man in South Dakota” and (combine the… Read More

  • Rumor: The Daily Coming To Android This Spring

    Did anyone else see this coming so soon? We were under the impression that Apple and The Daily were in some sort of partnership, especially since The Daily was excluded from Apple’s new subscription service. Ostensibly, someone at AllThingDhas been tipped off that The Daily will be coming to Android this spring Read More

  • Next Question: What's A Publishing App?

    We created subscriptions for publishing apps, not SaaS apps. —email attributed to Steve Jobs There’s been so much confusion in the wake of Apple’s new subscription billing policy for apps that Steve Jobs felt the need to issue the proclamation above via his preferred method, a personal email. (It’s his version of… Read More

  • The Daily's "Find Me The Oldest Dog In America" Line Goes Mainstream [Video]

    Oh The Daily! Rupert Murdoch’s Sisyphean battle with the impassable forces of the Internet really reminds me of those humans playing Watson on Jeopardy. It’s really hard to figure out who to root for. Well this week, New York Magazine made that decision a little bit easier for us, leaking The Daily EIC Jesse Angelo’s ridiculous motivational memo to staffers of… Read More

  • Despite Pushback From Pubs, Apple Will Make iTunes Subscription Billing Mandatory

    Despite Pushback From Pubs, Apple Will Make iTunes Subscription Billing Mandatory

    When Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily launched last week, Apple’s VP Eddy Cue got on stage to announce one-click subscriptions for iPad publications through iTunes. The Daily already has the one-click billing option as a feature, and Cue promised it would be made available to other iPad newspaers and magazines soon. Cue then started to make the rounds of print media companies in New… Read More

  • The Daily, Clicker, Dell Streak Tablet

    Fly Or Die: Can The Daily Make It?

    The big product launch this week was Rupert Murdoch’s new iPad publication, The Daily. On this episode of Fly or Die, CrunchGear editor John Biggs and I weigh in on its prospects for survival. We also discuss Clicker’s iPhone app and the Dell Streak 7 tablet, and we are joined by a surprise guest from one of the companies whose products we evaluate. While The Daily not exactly… Read More

  • Like Any Good Hack, The Daily: Indexed Creates A Feature That Is Needed

    One thing about The Daily that bugged me from the second I first laid eyes on the iPad newspaper that launched yesterday is that there is no one place where you can see a simple list of every story in the issue. There is a table of contents, but it shows only ten featured stories. Like any good hack, The Daily: Indexed creates a feature that is missing from the original but is deeply needed. … Read More

  • Hop The Paywall And Read The Daily For Free

    News Corp finally released The Daily into the wild world of the iPad yesterday. The app costs $.15 a day, which gets you the newspaper-style news aggregation and internet interactivity. It’s certainly clever, but there’s a way to sidestep the subscription and get just the articles without any of the flashy nonsense for free. Interested? Of course you are. (Just don’t tell Peter) Read More

  • What Are The Odds We'll See An Android Version Of The Daily?

    News Corp. and Apple have just announced the launch of The Daily, an iPad-only digital newspaper of sorts that promises to, if nothing else, shake things up a little bit. But will it be iPad-only forever, or does News Corp. have other ideas? Survey says: other ideas. Read More

  • The Daily IPad App

    Hands-On With The Daily (Demo Video)

    After today’s unveiling of The Daily at a press event at the Guggenheim museum in New York City, we were handed iPads loaded with the news app. I shot the video above with my iPhone to give a quick sense of what it looks like and the navigation. It looks like a magazine more than a newspaper, with lush photography and the occasional interactive graphic or video in place of a photo. … Read More

  • One-Click Subscriptions Come To the iPad

    Apple exec Eddy Cue announced today at The Daily launch, as expected, that Apple will be enabling subscription pricing for news apps. There will be one-click subscription billing either weekly (99 cents) or yearly ($39.99). Apple is starting with The Daily, but Cue says “you will hear an announcement very soon for other publications.” Cue also notes that consumers have… Read More

  • Rupert Murdoch: "New Times, Demand New Journalism"

    Rupert Murdoch: "New Times, Demand New Journalism"

    Today, Rupert Murdoch is introducing The Daily, his foray into an iPad-only newspaper. “New times demand new journalism,” he says. The challenge he says, is to “take the best of traditional journalism—competitive shoe leather joranlism, a skeptical eye, and combine it with the best technology such as 360 degree photographs. The iPad demands that we completely rethink… Read More

  • iPad Mags Need A New Blueprint

    Ever since the iPad came out, print media companies have been feeling their way in this new medium, but so far they’ve just been stumbling over themselves.
    They are latching onto the iPad as a new walled garden where people will somehow magically pay for articles they can get for free in their browsers. But if they want people to pay, the experience has to be better than on the Web… Read More

  • Apple Sending New Leaders On Stage: Eddy Cue Will Help Launch The Daily In NYC

    Apple Sending New Leaders On Stage: Eddy Cue Will Help Launch The Daily In NYC

    There has been talk for months now that Apple and News Corp. would hold a joint event in the Bay Area to announce the launch of The Daily, the iPad-only publication. Then a few wrenches were thrown into the mix. First of all, Apple supposedly needed a little more time to get their subscription service working in a new version of iTunes. And then, of course, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced he… Read More