• Happy Thanksgiving!

    The CG boys are taking a well-earned break tomorrow but thank you for another great year of CrunchGear. We wake up for you guys, whether it seems like it or not, and we could have made it through without your diligent visits to our little kingdom of jollity and mirth. Have a great Turkey day and we’ll see you on Friday. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 15% off Proporta iPod (et al.) cases

    Proporta makes a whole host of cases and the like for the iPod, iPhone and every other [inferior] device in between. To celebrate Thanksgiving week, the company is offering 15 percent off on all its goods. You’ll need to input the promotion code “TURKEY” (minus the quotation marks) at checkout. In the meantime, be sure to wish Arsenal, based in fashionable North London… Read More

  • Thanksgiving Video: Now this is what I'm talking about

    See, guys. This is all you have to do to enter our video contests. This is pure, unadulterated genius. Unfortunately, he sent it in too late but he’ll get a little something for his efforts, rest assured. Read More

  • Contest: Win a Neuros OSD video box!

    If you’re a real geek, you like to make stuff for Linux. And you’ve probably also seen the nifty Neuros OSD, a Linux-based PVR-ish device. It records TV shows, for example, and automagically compresses them for your iPod, among many, many other things it does. And Neuros is giving us one to give away to you, our readers. You’ll also get a 160GB external HD for recording the… Read More

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    From all of us at CrunchGear, we’d like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Feel free to click through and check out a few other Thanksgiving themed cartoons I found. Gobble Gobble! Read More

  • Circuit City's Friday is the Blackest

    There’s some pretty sweet stuff going on Friday at Circuit City. You can get a 42-inch Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV for $800, a Roadmate GPS System for your car for $125, or maybe you just would like a fully-loaded laptop for $300? Sure, it’s an HP Compaq, but at three bills you can hardly complain. There’s more deals than that, including some stocking stuffers for pocket… Read More

  • For non-chefs: Jennie-O turkies are cooked in a bag, no thawing required

    How many of you know how to cook? Like, if need be, you’d be able to whip out a full-course Thanksgiving meal for your family? If you can’t—I certainly couldn’t; we’d be eating Cap’n Crunch—then have a look at the Jennie-O oven-ready turkey. It’s a full-sized turkey in a bag that you stick in the oven with no preparation. There’s no… Read More

  • Wired for Thanksgiving

    Wired’s Gear Factor has put together a list of all the hottest Thanksgiving cooking gadgets. There are many practical items, such as Thermapen’s models 3 and 7 digital cooking thermometers, that you could feasibly pickup and put to use before Thursday. On the flip-side, there are gadgets like the Britannia Living Classic XG 100cm Twin Oven. This fancy pants oven goes for about… Read More