• ThankfulFor: Share Your Gratitude With The World, 140 Characters At A Time

    Meet ThankfulFor, a new micromessaging site that is a “personal gratitude journal” which invites people to share the things they’re most thankful for in the form of 140 character long messages. It may sound like a strange idea, but apparently the practice of sharing your gratitude really can help improve your outlook on life (it’s a sort of reminder that things might… Read More

  • Nine Startups Present To The DC Tech Community At TECH Cocktail

    This post was written by Frank Gruber, who cofounded TECH cocktail, a startup that looks to help people involved with technology connect at events, which it throws around the country. Tonight’s event is being held in Washington DC, where nine startups are presenting to tech enthusiasts from throughout the region. Though situated in the heart of Government 2.0, the private sector in… Read More