• Just what TF2 needed: a female Scout and building disguises for the Spy

    Team Fortress 2 has a huge following. And it should. It rocks. But it might be getting a tad stale to those that play it hours everyday. (me) That’s why developers crank out killer mods like these two. The video above (might be NSFW – lots of up-skirt, panty shots) shows a nearly completed female Scout mod that will soon have everything from custom taunts to an appropriate voice. Read More

  • Video: Team Fortress 2 Every Class is Different

    Oh man, these TF2 videos are great. This one could be the best as we hear the Spy’s true feelings about each class. He really hates the Pyro. And getting the Sniper’s piss thrown on him. I would hate that too. Read More

  • Video: Meet the Spy

    What is this? Team Fortress 2 day? Ah, well. I’m not sure if this is an official video from Valve, but it’s great. Seriously. Spend 3:20 of your lazy Sunday and watch it. And then watch it again. Read More

  • Video: Team Fortress 2 done up Super Smash Brothers style

    Remember when Super Smash Brothers was the best game out? It was the greatest. Now Team Fortress 2 is one of the best games available and so it’s only fitting to have the Super Smash Brothers intro remade TF2-style. Major props to whoever made it too. Watch the video after the jump for a side-by-side comparison of the original and TF2 edition. Impressive. Read More

  • Team Fortress 2 on MacBook Pro

    File this one under, “Duh.” If you had any doubts that the new MacBook Pro’s could suffice as a mobile gaming rig, shove ’em out the door. This video above is allegedly – but why would he lie? – a clip showing TF2 running at native resolutions with zero lag on a new 2.53GHz MacBook Pro via Windows XP through Boot Camp. Granted, the GeForce 9600M GT… Read More

  • What if Team Fortress 2 were an old-school 8-bit game? [Awesome alert]

    Over at TIGSource they’ve been running a “Bootleg Demakes” competition that I’ve been following, in which developers are to take a modern game and “demake” it into something old-school and awesome, kind of the opposite of what developers tend to do today. Here’s one standout (and complete) entry, Gang Garrison 2 — obviously based on TF2, but… Read More

  • Team Fortress 2: Meet the Sandvich WHO TOUCH SANDVICH? More excellent filmmaking from Valve.
    See you in the game; I’m going to enjoy sniping you suckers. Read More

  • Team Fortress 2 Heavy achievements semi-revealed

    Yes, it’s that time again. The Heavy update will be dropping a bunch of maps, unlockable weapons, and achievements, just like the Pyro and Medic updates before it. So! You can check out the mystery achievements here, but as I found out, the achievement image files are named according to the achievement’s requirements — “tf_heavy_kill_scouts.png” and so on. Read More

  • TF2's Pyro update is live, plus TF2 is free for the weekend

    You’re probably already in the know about this, but the big Pyro pack has arrived along with his/her achievements and unlockable weapons. The full update info is here, including this little gem: Removed Soldier’s 40% damage reduction from his own rockets. Does not affect rocket jumps Thank you Jesus. I look forward to a rash of self-destroying soldiers. Also, in case you… Read More

  • Team Fortress 2 IRL

    Anyone who can round up 8 nerds to dress up like characters from a recently released video game is a master of manipulation. Anyone who can get them to huddle together for a picture, is a demigod. Team Fortress 2 Group Halloween Costumes Read More