Video: Meet The Medic

I love the Medic. Wait, no. I hate playing TF2 as the Medic but a good medic can offset almost an entire team. This video proves it. Meet the Medic.

TF2 Gets A Tron Skin

Even though the movies were, arguably, abysmal, like Boba Fett and Big Trouble In Little China, we geeks hold a special place in our hearts for all things Tron. To wit: modders have created Tron-based

Full-Size, Target-Tracking TF2 Sentry Gun Installed At Valve HQ

<img src="" />We've seen <a href="">sentry guns</

Video: Team Forty K

<img src="">To the creator of this Warhammer 40K <a href="">TF2</a> mod, Please, please, <em>please</

The TF2 Engineer update's little surprise: Engineer rocket jumping

<img src="">It's nearly impossible to play <a href="">TF2</a> right now. The teams are nearly 8

How Steam stopped me from pirating games and enjoy the sweet DRM kool-aid

<img src=""><em>Note: A reader sent us this interesting take on Steam and DRM, but requested to stay anonymous due to the nature of th

Video: How-to use porn as bait in TF2 Note to self: Don’t look at porn while playing TF2. Well, not in-game porn at least.

Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update

As I just told Nicholas, who truly doesn’t care, this is big news. The Engineer is the only class in Team Fortress 2 not yet updated with new gear and Valve just released this video teaser showi

The unlimited Sentry and Dispenser TF2 bug, everyone

<img src="">So, yeah, there was a short-lived TF2 bug that allowed for unlimited sentry guns and dispensers. Want video proof?

Careful, this TF2 Spy action figure might stab you in the back

<img src="">This is just sweet. There's no other word for it. Ignore the comical knees and slightly more bulky build, that's

Choose Your Own Adventure: TF2 2Fort edition

Who didn’t love the Choose your Own Adventure books as a kid? It always felt cheating on the other books because while the stories where always lame, the books where so much fun. Just like this

Team Fortress 2 – Law Abiding Engineer

Awesome. I’d rather see the TF2 version before the crap out of Hollywood. Watch the real trailer after the jump to to be even more impressed. [via JoelJohnson]

This Brink trailer makes me want a TF2 Borderlands mashup

Don’t get too excited like I did. While Brink is really an upcoming game, it’s not going to be like the video above. It’s a full-featured console and PC shooting that’s suppose

Video: Spy + Pyro = ???

Forgive me, I’m back on TF2 after a short stint playing Borderlands and Dead Space. (the latter is super lame, btw) But this cartoon is not only absolutely genius, it’s also very appropria

Team Fortress 2 – Yeah Toast! I feel sorry for you and your children if you don’t get this.

Remember when Team Fortress 2 didn't look like Team Fortress 2?

<img src="" />A few of you may already know that <i>Team Fortress 2</i> didn't always look like Toy Story <i>más</i> violence, but for the

Team Fortress 2 is free this weekend! (but only this weekend)

<img src="">Young lads, the TF2 will be free this weekend only. Jump onto Steam right now and start preloading <a href="http://www.crunchgea

CrunchDeals: Get Team Fortress 2 for only $2.50 (act quick, only a few minutes left)

Quick, you have until 2:00 PDT to get Team Fortress 2 for only $2.50. That’s a deal. This could be in fact the best deal of the year. After all, TF2 is one of the very best multiplayer games eve

I agree. Team Fortress 2 needs a guard dog class

Right off the bat, I feel the need to stress that this is a fan-made concept and really isn’t coming to TF2 – at least not anytime soon. But Valve liked the idea so much that it sent a nic

Video: Pyro Love

YouTube is filled with TF2 fan videos and tributes, but I’ve never seen one this well done. The video is a bit long at 8:29 and takes a few minutes to get going, but it actually has a compelling
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