• Facebook’s fastText library is now optimized for mobile

    Facebook’s fastText library is now optimized for mobile

    This morning Facebook’s AI Research (FAIR) lab released an update to fastText, its super-speedy open-source text classification library. When it was initially released, fastText shipped with pre-trained word vectors for 90 languages, but today it’s getting a boost to 294 languages. The release also brings enhancements to reduce model size and ultimately memory demand. Read More

  • Microsoft strives to give computers common sense with Concept Graph

    Microsoft strives to give computers common sense with Concept Graph

    Today, Microsoft Research is publicly releasing its effort to tackle just one of the problems plaguing natural language understanding — knowledge. The company believes that background knowledge is one of the key separators between the way humans and machines understand language. Probase, a knowledge database Microsoft has been working on for quite some time, is serving as the base for… Read More

  • Wrio’s roomier keyboard app launches on Android, iOS

    Wrio’s roomier keyboard app launches on Android, iOS

    There have been many attempts to update keyboards for the digital era and speed up typing by rethinking the antique Qwerty layout. Problem is you’re going up against muscle memory, and resistance to change the habit of a lifetime. And that’s a very hard nut to crack. But a Swiss startup reckons they have done it with their Wrio keyboard. Read More

  • Walmart Simple Text Could Be Walmart’s Version Of Magic

    Walmart Simple Text

    One of the very cool things about hackathons is that you learn what type of technology that people are really using. We’re all wondering what the hot “trends” are going to be at one of these things. At the Disrupt Hackathon, we’re learning quite a bit. An early trend is SMS. Surprise! There’s Magic, Facebook M, Operator and now Walmart Simple Text. The latter is… Read More

  • Watch iOS 8’s Latest Beta Transcribe Voice To Text In Near-Real Time

    Watch iOS 8’s Latest Beta Transcribe Voice To Text In Near-Real Time

    Apple’s iOS 8 beta 4 just hit the interwebs today, and among the new features found therein, there’s a cool new visualization of the iOS dictation feature (seen in the MacRumors video above) that shows your words being transcribed almost in real-time as you say them. It’s a feature that previously appeared in Siri, but it’s new to the dictate option found in Messages… Read More

  • Tawkers Launches An App For Publishing Your Texts

    Tawkers Launches An App For Publishing Your Texts

    New York-based startup Tawkers has launched a new iPhone app that lets users publish their texts to its platform and creates a public forum for text-based conversations from your cell phone. Let’s say you and a friend were texting each other about this geopolitical train wreck, and that you happened to be a senior analyst of Russian foreign policy at a major university, you might think… Read More

  • Mobento Debuts Search Service That Finds The Spoken Words In Videos

    Mobento Debuts Search Service That Finds The Spoken Words In Videos

    Flashback to 2006, but we’re trying to solve the challenge of searching and indexing the audio in videos again. Case in point: TechCrunch Disrupt finalist Koemei, for example. Another new one hitting the startup scene today: Mobento, a company which not only finds videos where words you search for are spoken, but which also shows you a timeline indicating where in the video those words… Read More

  • You Must Remember This: Colossal Cave Adventure

    I was just watching the documentary GET LAMP, a movie about text adventure games. As gripping as that sounds, I wondered if I could find the first text adventure game in the world online. In mere moments I was presented with the COLOSSAL CAVE ADVENTURE in glorious green-screen. Thank you, Internet! Read More

  • Timberland to pay $7 million to settle SMS spam lawsuit

    Timberland, makers of boots and outdoor wear, and GSI Commerce, the e-commerce company behind the online presence of Timberland and many other companies, might just owe you some money. After a heap of unauthorized ad-filled text messages were sent out between January 2003 and August 2008, frustrated recipients banded together for a class action lawsuit. Though the companies insist that the… Read More

  • Using captchas to digitize old, damaged books

    Those dumb captchas may actually serve a purpose now. A gentleman by the name of Luis von Ahn at Carnegie Mellon University (Biggs went there!) has devised a system whereby software-unreadable words are sent to captcha providers. Since the software is unable to discern what the words are, captchas then step in, and we humans get to identify them when logging into our favorite sites. As… Read More

  • Bendable shelf handles RSS feeds and text messages

    In what’s sure to be recognized as one of the greatest inventions of 2008 (by me, at least), here’s a shelf that can be bent every which way, thanks to the miracle of “elastomer” AND displays your favorite RSS feeds and any incoming text messages. Read More

  • Amazon launches SMS store

    Need something immediately? Want to check on a price? Text your search term to 262966 (“AMAZON”) and Amazon will hunt down a few items from its online store. Reply and Amazon will call you to confirm your order. The usage model is fairly compelling: you’re in a store, and you see something you want. You simply text Amazon to confirm that it’s cheaper online and then spit… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Get Lamp: An upcoming text adventure documentary

    After watching King of Kong a few weeks ago I’m really enjoying this gaming movie trend. This new film by documentarian Jason Scott is all about text adventure games and the people who made and loved them. If you’ve ever stared at wonder at a PC telling you about a world that doesn’t exist in clear prose and whimsical detail, this is a movie for you. All you kiddies and your… Read More

  • T-Mobile to offer unlimited voice/text plan for $100

    This is starting to get a little silly. Once reports of Verizon Wireless’ unlimited voice plan hit the Web last week, all the other carriers have followed suit issuing their own releases for unlimited voice plans. This morning we were informed of AT&T’s switch and now T-Mobile is announcing an unlimited text and voice plan for $99.99. The new plan is set to begin on February… Read More

  • Apple Is Done With AppleWorks

    Good riddance! Apple today finally pulled the plug on the outdated office suite known as AppleWorks. I remember getting my first Mac, a G3 iBook, and having to deal with this craptastic software. Terrible word processor and a useless paint utility come to mind. Last true version was 6.0 and died out in the 1990s. So what to use instead? OpenOffice, xPad, TextEdit, and plenty of others come… Read More

  • Fujitsu Develops Unique Camera Phone Technology

    I fail to see how this is a fantastic breakthrough in technology, but to each his own. Fujitsu has been working on technology where secret messages can be stored in print and read by a camera phone. It works by skewing a yellow hue in the picture and using a camera phone with a Java application to decipher the information. Up to 12-bytes can be encoded and embedded in a picture and sources… Read More