Text Message

The Nudge is a planner app packaged as an SMS subscription service

How do you fix digital information overload and the resulting life-attention deficit that’s apparently afflicting smartphone owners everywhere — and even leadingĀ some very large tech gian

California outlaws text-messaging while driving

Drivers in the great state of California will no longer be able to TXT while driving starting this January. This includes sending, reading and writing, folks. Those found conducting the soon to beĀ il

Chair of antitrust Senate subcommittee wants to know why text messages cost so much money

It turns out we’re not the only ones concerned about the (unnecessary?) rise in the cost of sending a text message. This time, though, it’s someone who may actually be able to do something

Obama will text message you who his running mate is

Someone named Barack Obama is running for president of the United States of America. If you want, you can give him your cellphone number, and he’ll text you who his vice-president will be someti

What's the quicker texting method: T9 or QWERTY?

Some people, like Peter Ha, text like it’s their job. It’s those people that The Symbian Blog are targeting with this interesting text messaging shootout, which pits the Nokia E71 and E90,

T-mo slapped with lawsuit over unwanted text messages

[photopress:tmols.jpg,full,right] Text messages are both annoying and expensive. Lawsuits are both annoying and expensive. Put the two together and you’ve got yourself a “Risky Business&#8

Reprobate uses Xbox Live, Google, text messaging to stalk Spokane teen

If you drive across the country to rape a 15-year old girl and her sister whom you’ve met playing Xbox Live, it’s likely not a good idea to text message them and tell them you’re on