• Texas gets closer to allowing self-driving vehicle testing on public roads

    Texas gets closer to allowing self-driving vehicle testing on public roads

    A new state might join the ranks of those that allow testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads: A bill just passed the Texas Senate Transportation Committee that spells out a path toward statutes allowing use of highly automated vehicles on public state roads. Read More

  • Texas Attorney General Says Texans Using DraftKings Or FanDuel Are Probably Breaking The Law

    Texas Attorney General Says Texans Using DraftKings Or FanDuel Are Probably Breaking The Law

    In a situation nearly identical to what happened in Illinois a few weeks ago, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has responded to a request from a state¬†representative who asked if Paxton¬†believes Daily Fantasy Sports should be illegal under state law. Not surprisingly, Paxton said that he believes DraftKings and FanDuel both violate state law, saying that “it is prohibited gambling… Read More

  • Apple Goes Big In Texas With $304 Million Austin Campus

    Apple Goes Big In Texas With $304 Million Austin Campus

    Most of the news around Austin this week is centered around SXSW, naturally, but Texas Governor (and erstwhile presidential candidate) Rick Perry broke some news today that’s unrelated, but still Austin-relevant. Apple, it seems, which has been slowly growing its presence in the state’s tech oasis, chose SXSW weekend as an auspicious time to announce a major new campus in Austin. Read More

  • Startup Texas Is Latest Region To Join The Startup America Initiative

    Startup Texas Is Latest Region To Join The Startup America Initiative

    With today’s launch of Startup Texas, Texas becomes the latest U.S. state to join the growing list of regions in the Startup America initiative. The Startup America national campaign, chaired by Steve Case, co-founder of AOL and Chairman of the Case Foundation, is meant to encourage and accelerate entrepreneurship across the country, especially in regions where it can benefit from a… Read More

  • Vista almost banned from Texas government computers (!!!ROFL!!!)

    What’s up now, Ballmer! The entire State of Texas is one step closer to banning the somewhat craptastic Windows Vista from government computers ’cause one State Senator heard the OS has problems. State agencies will have to receive written approval from the Finance Committee once the rider is enacted. Just to recap, this is because Senator Juan Hinojosa heard “of the many… Read More

  • 13-year-old would rather play Halo with hooker than get laid, will be next 40-year-old virgin

    What is with America’s youth these days? 13-year-old Ralph Hardy from Newark, Texas, decided that he was going to spend $30,000 on junk food, gadgets, an Xbox and two hookers with a stolen CC, which is fine and dandy, but who asks call girls to play Halo instead of doing the deed? This kid sounds super weird, but he’s pretty clever. When the escorts came and realized he was under… Read More

  • Texas wants Amazon to pay up, pardner

    Online retailer Amazon has some ‘splaining to do. Texas officials are investigating whether or not the online retailer has a distribution center in Irvin, Texas. If they do, Amazon will owe millions of dollars in back taxes. The Supreme Court ruled in 1992, that states can collect sales from out-of-state retailers, if they have physical presence in the state. Somehow the Irving… Read More

  • World's most powerful laser developed in Texas

    Straight out of the University of Texas at Austin comes the world’s most powerful laser. I just assumed that most lasers were very powerful, but apparently the great state of Texas has the best one until someone else can come along and build an even more powerful laser or mounts this same laser to a shark’s head. Read More

  • AT&T begins rolling out Wi-Fi service in San Antonio Starbucks

    We knew AT&T was taking over T-Mobile’s hotspot service across all Starbucks, but I didn’t think it would happen this soon. I guess it’s spring. The first known Starbucks to give T-Mobile the boot and replace it with AT&T has been spotted in San Antonio, TX. U-verse subscribers have free access so hop on over San Antonio-ites or whatever you call yourselves. I… Read More

  • Off to SXSW Interactive

    [photopress:sxswna.jpg,full,right] So I convinced Bossman Biggs to let me go to south by southwest in Austin, Texas for CrunchGear. The show is split into music, film and interactive sections. I’ll be covering the interactive part over the next few days, armed with a digital camera and minimal knowledge of what I’m expected to do. I don’t think there’ll be much gear for… Read More

  • Flashmobbers stage iPod dance party in Texas capitol

    The whole flashmob thing is so 2005, but that didn’t stop 50 iPod owners in Austin, Texas, from organizing one with a simple, yet fun-sounding, goal: iPod dance party in the capitol building. The kids converged at the set time and each rocked out with their earbuds in, janky dancing to whatever it was they liked. I’m not sure how I feel about the idea, actually. At a club, you can… Read More

  • Albert, Texas: Mint condition, 13 acres, low reserve!!!

    A man in Italy bought the small Texas town of Albert on eBay for $3.8 million on Friday. That’s awesome. I wish I had my own town. Lucky jerk. Good for him, though. Nobody currently lives in the town, but there’s a bar that’s open on the weekends. Go figure. The town is about 13 acres large and includes "a pavilion, an 85-year-old dance hall, a tractor shed, a… Read More

  • The Ultimate Geek Cab

    Some of us have trouble pulling ourselves away from the computer and sometimes that can be OK. But if you need your fix of video gaming and Internet surfing and happen to live in Austin, Texas, you may want to call Ricky Gray for a cab. Gray has outfitted his minivan-turned-taxi with two LCD TVs on which customers can play Playstation 2 games on, watch TV, and surf the… Read More

  • Pedophile Blames Open WiFi Network For Kiddie Porn

    Sure you can pin the blame on your unsecured router when the RIAA or MPAA comes knocking at your door, but when it’s the FBI and you’re accused of having tons of child pornography, don’t think you’re getting out of this one so easily. A guy in Texas had his home raided and the police found lots of child porn on his computer. When confronted, he blamed his… Read More

  • Apple, Samsung, Sandisk Sued Over MP3 Patent Infringement

    With last week’s record-breaking pay out from Microsoft over a patent, it was only a matter of time before a bunch of nasty trolls came out of the woodwork to prey on innocent, unsuspecting companies. Now Apple, Samsung, and Sandisk have found themselves at the center of a lawsuit from some jerk off in Texas. Texas MP3 Technologies owns U.S. patent 7,065,417, which is described as… Read More