• Crunch Report | NBCUniversal Invests $500 Million in Snap

    NBCUniversal invests $500 million in Snap, Jeff Bezos has plans for a Moon expedition, Uber plans to turn its app into a content marketplace and more Uber troubles. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • iPhone's 3G antenna put to the test in a $110,000 metal box

    SCIENCE. When murmurs of the new iPhone’s purported subpar 3G performance made its way around to Sweden, a company called Bluetest decided to try and determine once and for all if we all just had a case of the crazies. They stuck an iPhone 3G into a $110,000 noise-free chamber along with a simulated base station, and tested communications in both directions. Then they did the same tests… Read More

  • AT&T has best 3G network in tri-state area

    Computer World decided to trial the three major 3G networks to see who was king. Dongles from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint were used with a Lenovo X300 across 500 data points in eight different locations throughout NY, NJ and CT within 50 miles of midtown Manhattan. AT&T averaged 755kbps download and 484kbps upload speeds with a peak of 1.6Mbps using a Sierra Wireless’ USBConnect… Read More

  • Test to see if your ISP is throttling BitTorrent traffic

    Your connection on Time Warner. This test will tell you if your ISP is throttling your BitTorrent traffic. So many people are taking it right now that it might be down, but TorrentFreak reports that 10 ISPs in the US are shaping traffic — non named yet, though. Keep trying and let us know if your ISP is keeping you from downloading The Slip legally. Read More

  • iPhone Gets Put Through The Wringer

    Many of you, myself included, probably thought the iPhone wasn’t up to the challenge of daily use and abuse. The glass screen just screams scratches galore, right? PC World put their iPhone to a scratch and drop test. I think the results will astonish you because I sure didn’t expect the results they received. Read More

  • The HQV HDTV Benchmark Disc

    A true hi-def aficionado knows that just buying an HDTV and then getting drunk with your pals while you watch a Mets game is not the way to go when it comes to buying a new TV. Luckily, HQV shares the same distinctive taste with these HDTV fans and has created a disc in both Blu-Ray and HD DVD format for calibrating a new HDTV. Each disc contains various tests and assessment tools to make sure… Read More