• For Teracent Rival Tumri, Google Becomes A Frenemy

    Google’s acquisition of display advertising startup Teracent yesterday had significant meaning for rival Tumri; the San Mateo-based advertising platform now counts tech giant Google as a competitor. Tumri, which launched in 2004, provides a similar advertising technology to Teracent. The startup’s product, the AdPod, creates display ads that are customized in realtime to the… Read More

  • Google Acquires Teracent To Apply Machine Smarts To Display Ads

    Google’s on a bit of a shopping spree this holiday season. The search giant just acquired AdMob for $750 million a few weeks ago. Today, Google has acquired display advertising company Teracent for an undisclosed amount of money. The deal is expected to close this quarter. Teracent’s Intelligent Display Advertising technology creates display ads entirely customized to the… Read More