CrunchDeals: 1TB Seagate hard drive for $145

What can you get for $145? Well, you can buy Lehman Brother’s European assets 73 times, or you can get this 1TB eternal hard drive. At this rate, I’d say the hard drive is the better deal.

Rambus gets silicon up to Terabyte speed

In November of last year, Rambus announced The Terabyte Bandwidth Initiative in which they stated they were going after, well, a terabyte of bandwidth. They have been making progress and recently show

Video: Hitachi explains Terabyte hard drive

Welcome to the Dawn of the Tera Era. Is this pure genius or absolute chaos?

Terabyte HDD roundup finds latest Samsung best all-around

[photopress:teradome.jpg,full,center] ExtremeTech added two new 1TB hard drives to its terabyte HDD roundup, the Hitachi A7K1000 (around $350) and the Samsung HD103UJ (around $260). No, those numbers

Vudu XL: 1TB of storage added to set-top-box

Vudu uses the press coverage of CES to announce the Vudu XL, a $1,000 set-top-box that provides instant access to movies. Specifically, the enhanced XL model adds one terabyte of storage to the alread

Samsung 1TB drive is more for security situations than BitTorrent storage

Unless you’re running a small security operation a la Tony Montana, you can probably safely steer clear of this new 1TB enterprise-level hard drive. What makes this noteworthy is that it’s

Hitachi predicts 4TB hard drives by 2011 (and an important public service announcement from me to you)

That’s one big hard drive! Want a 4TB hard drive? Got four years to wait? Good, because that’s how long, according to Hitachi, it’ll take for us to see such drives, roughly keeping u

Hitachi Hits One Terabyte: New Deskstar Hard Drive

Holy Toledo, that’s a lot of storage for a desktop hard drive. Hitachi’s new Serial-ATA Desktar 7K1000 offers up a full terabyte of disk space (actually 931GB

Sony Says Maybe To 80GB PS3 For U.S.

So what, Sony will sell an 80GB PS3 in South Korea starting next month. Big deal. What about those of us in the United States of America? Well, Sony just hinted that it’s considering selling the

2TB RAID Array From Other World Computing: Enough Space For You?

People who leave Azureus running all day long could benefit from this 2TB RAID array from Other World Computing, said to be the Largest Ever. It’s got a regal-sounding name, the OWC Mercury Elit

Hitatchi Now Shipping 1TB Hard Drive

Need lots of storage on the cheap for all your porn and pirated movies data? Be sure to inspect Hitatchi’s new Deskstar 7K1000 hard drive. Boasting an incredible 1000GB of storage, put two of th

Mempile TeraDisc Boasts 1TB Of Storage

Mempile announced the next-generation optical storage technology with the release of the TeraDisc that boasts up to 1TB of storage capacity on a single platter. While it’s still in concept with an e

Hammer Storage's 2TB External Hard Drive: Gentlemen, Start Your Torrents

A whopping 2TB of storage could be sitting atop your desk come August thanks to Hammer Storage. The company is expanding its myshare line of external hard drives to include a 2x1TB model. All models a

Dell, Alienware Ship Systems With One Terabyte Drives

Dell and Alienware are the first PC manufacturers to include an internal 1TB (that’s one terabyte, or 1,000 gigabytes) hard drive as a build-to-order options on their systems. You’ll find