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Staytuned bags $34M in equity, debt to build ‘Salesforce suite for e-commerce’

Staytuned focuses on Shopify merchants and acquires and builds e-commerce applications to help them with return on investment.

Impacked packs up $2.5M to give the packaging industry a greener tint

Packaging is a trillion-dollar-per-year industry that, by and large, has some sustainability challenges. Impacked is a B2B company that’s bringing green tech to the forefront for everything from

Strattic raises $6.5M to bring static WordPress to the masses

WordPress remains the juggernaut of content management systems, even though it now often gets used in ways it was never intended. And with that, managing the life cycle of WordPress sites has only got

Ordermark, the online-delivery order management service for restaurants, raises $18 million

Los Angeles-based Ordermark, the online delivery management service for restaurants co-founded by the scion of the famous, family-owned Canter’s Deli, said it has raised $18 million in a new rou

Probably Genetic helps families identify genetic conditions early with AI and DNA tests

Probably Genetic hopes to provide families of children on the autism spectrum with more complete diagnoses.