Telly starts shipping its free ad-supported TVs to its first round of customers

Telly, the hardware startup that is giving U.S. consumers free dual-screen smart TVs that are supported by advertising, announced today that it has started shipping its TVs to its first round of custo

A quarter million people want Telly’s free smart TV, says founder

Telly, the new hardware startup that is providing U.S. consumers with free smart TVs that are completely supported by advertising, claimed that 250,000 people registered within the first two weeks of

Hardware startup Telly launches a free smart TV entirely supported by ads

Telly, a hardware startup led by Pluto TV co-founder Ilya Pozin, announced Monday that it’s giving away 500,000 of its new smart TVs for free. (Yes, we said free.) There’s a catch, though. Users m

Telly Releases Android Tablet App As It Approaches 70K Likes Per Week On Google’s Mobile OS

Video discovery service Telly is launching its social video app on Android tablets today, a key step for the company as Google's mobile OS becomes more important to its overall strategy and audience.

Video Discovery App Telly Updated With Group Video Sharing And New Creative Features

Nine months ago, Twitvid rebranded itself as Telly, as the company sought to help users find interesting videos based on things their friends were sharing. Since that rebranding, it’s launched a web

After Doubling Its User Base Over The Last 7 Months, Video Discovery Startup Telly Improves Recommendations With Social Data

Telly has come a long way since being rebranded. In the seven months since adopting its new moniker, the company formerly known as Twitvid has doubled its user base to 7 million and continues to itera