• Spotify signs exclusive deal with Finnish telco TeliaSonera for its Premium offering

    [Finland] This is exactly the type of distribution that Spotify needs to achieve the kind of economies of scale that should reduce the cost to end-users with regards to its Premium offering. And of course, generate much needed revenue. The music streaming startup has signed up telco TeliaSonera as its exclusive partner in Finland to market and sell Spotify Premium. The two companies already have… Read More

  • First 4G Mobile Network Launches . . . In Sweden :(

    For all of you waiting for mobile data networks to catch up to broadband speeds on cable and DSL, the first 4G/LTE network has arrived . . . in Sweden (and Norway too). The Scandinavians get everything first when it comes to mobile, except the iPhone. TeliaSonera launched the first two cities of its 4G network, which promises wireless download speeds of up to 100 megabits per second… Read More

  • Pirates of the courtroom – game over for file-sharing in Scandinavia?

    [Sweden] It’s not looking good for the pirates in Sweden. The usually pirate loving country that spawned The Pirate Bay and the world’s first Pirate Party, is now pursuing illegal file-sharers like it’s 1790 and the outlaws need to be gunned down. A recent court order has forced ISP Teliasonera to choose between either coughing up 750,000 SEK (about 72,000 euro) or giving out… Read More