• Danish telco launches preemptive strike against Spotify

    [Denmark] Danish telco TDC’s Play service, which provides unlimited music downloads for its broadband and mobile customers, has extended its offering to include unlimited streaming, reports Music Ally. This makes Play even more comparable to Spotify, which although yet to launch in Denmark, does operate in neighboring Sweden and Norway. There are other similarities too. Spotify clearly… Read More

  • There is no escape! Telco to bring Spotify mobiles & TVs to the Swedes

    Spotify will soon branch out even further into Sweden – the market from which it emerged in the first place. The company has signed a two-year cooperation agreement with Swedish telecommunication service provider Telia. The partnership will, among other things, launch Spotify mobile phones and new services for TV and computers. That’s an interesting new sideline for the startup and… Read More

  • MMS coming to iPhone 3G!!! OMG! WOW! *

    MMS is coming to the iPhone 3G! Buy stock in Apple! * Note: 3G only available in Finland and on the Telia network. This post does not in any way imply that Apple and/or AT&T will offer MMS support in the United States. This application only works on Telia’s network and it should not be suggested by the tone or wording of this post that you should be excited by the prospect of MMS… Read More