Unistellar’s telescope turns your smartphone into a stargazer

Humans are eternally curious about the night sky but figuring out how to use a telescope is non-trivial. At CES in Las Vegas, Unistellar believes it has the perfect solution with its Equinox 2 Smart T

SpaceX launches a NASA telescope that will observe black holes

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has blasted off with NASA's Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer satellite, capable of measuring the polarization of X-rays that come from cosmic sources like black holes.

NASA launches a new planet-hunting telescope using a giant balloon

A new telescope will seek out planets that resemble Earth from a height of around 125,000 feet, using special optical technology that will filter out light from the stars they orbit to provide a bette

China invests in the hunt for aliens with world’s largest radio telescope

The last of 4,450 triangular panels was installed to complete the world’s largest single-aperture radio telescope, located in China’s Guizhou Province. A monument of China’s dedication to th

Thousands Of Chinese Residents Evacuated For World’s Largest Telescope

Over 9,000 Chinese residents will be evacuated from their homes in order to create a radio-quiet zone for the world’s largest telescope. The telescope, known as the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spher

World's largest telescope to open in Chile

<img src="" />The European Southern Observatory will construct <a HREF="

Shh! World's largest radio telescope network goes live

<img src="" />The world's largest array of radio telescopes are joining together for 24 hours in order to

The $100 Million Telescope

When countries like the UK and USA unite for science, the opportunity for discovery doubles. A new $100 million telescope is now a joint project between the two countries with plans for a 2013 complet