• The role of telepresence robotics in workforce inclusion Crunch Network

    The role of telepresence robotics in workforce inclusion

    Let’s pause on the robots-are-taking-over-our-jobs panic for a minute and take a look at how some robots — telepresence robots, specifically — could be used to give access not only to jobs but to meaningful and rewarding careers for a historically overlooked and excluded population — people with disabilities. Read More

  • Flipping the office telepresence model Crunch Network

    Flipping the office telepresence model

    What if I told you that you could visit three continents in one day without leaving your office and truly feel like you were there in person? That you could move down a hallway or across a stage, make eye contact and feel, well, more like a human being than just a face on a screen? Read More

  • The Savioke Robot Is Headed To A Hotel Near You

    The Savioke Robot Is Headed To A Hotel Near You

    When I’m in a hotel room I like absolute privacy. After all, calling upon Baphomet and/or playing Firewatch takes absolute concentration and I don’t want humans intruding on my reverie. That’s why the folks at Savioke are building the Relay. The creators of the Relay all took part in the robotics incubator Willow Garage and their robot – an R2-D2-looking guy with a hole… Read More

  • Meet Double Robotics’ Faster, Sturdier Double 2 Wheeled iPad With A Face

    The New Double 2 Telecommuting Robot Demo

    You’ve likely seen Double Robotics’ telepresence robot roaming around a tech event or two. The iPad on a stick that live streams into the board room or your living room just released a faster, sturdier version of its robot with an iPad for a face at CES 2016 called the Double 2. Double launched out of Y Combinator in 2012 and started shipping its first version of the device in… Read More

  • Cisco Drops Price Of ūmi Video Chat Service, Offers New 720p Version

    ūmi, the high-powered and ridiculously expensive video chatting service from Cisco, is getting a bit of a price drop. We were initially impressed with the quality at the announcement, but the $600 price tag was too high, to say nothing of the ridiculous $25/month plan that used a connection you were already paying for. Well, either Cisco wildly overestimated the price people would pay for… Read More

  • MIT's teleconferencing robot can interact with, strangle you

    Have you ever wanted to reach out and strangle someone during a conference call? Well now you can. MIT’s crazy MeBot is a tiny robot that sits on your desk and moves around, allowing remote communication partners to roam around your office when you’re talking to them. Read More