Teleport’s neural networks let you try before you hair dye

Meet Teleport: An app that's using a trained neural network to power a selfie-editing feature that lets you change the color of your hair at the touch of a button. 

Blowing up the re-location industry, Move Guides raises $48M Series C

Whatever any country leader says about banning travel or shutting down the movement of people, the world is accelerating its globalisation and that means people move around. Duh. Talent is now global,

Teleport Expands Its Life, Housing Search Engine to New York City

As Silicon Valley buckles under the pressure of housing the technology industry it created, an Andreessen Horowitz-backed company called Teleport has been quietly building a set of tools to distribute

Got A Team Distributed All Over The World? Teleport’s Tool, Flock, Finds You A Meeting Hub

The thesis behind Teleport, a new Andreessen Horowitz-backed startup from a group of early Skype alums, is that workers should be free to migrate to whichever city and country suits them best. They&

Andreessen-Backed Teleport Launches A Mobile Search Engine For Globally Nomadic Tech Workers

It's a big hairy vision -- knowledge-workers freely migrate around the globe, and city and federal governments compete to lure them. Teleport, a startup founded by early Skype employees around the

Researchers Create A Teleportation Machine

While you probably don’t want this latest project from the Hasso Plattner Institute to “beam you up” just yet, researchers have created a teleportation machine in that the object you

Andreessen-Incubated Teleport Aims To Make Location Irrelevant For Mobile Workers

Is finding housing getting you — and apparently, the rest of San Francisco — down? Then leave. Go somewhere else! Stop coming here! (Just kidding.) But not really. Because that’s kin