• Telenav launches GPS Navigator for the T-Mobile myTouch 3G

    What? Are you surprised? Telenav announced today that when the T-Mobile myTouch 3G goes on sale tomorrow, their turn-by-turn nav system will be one of the first available for the second Android-powered device. A 30-day free trial will be available for myTouch 3G owners starting on August 5. After that you’ll have to fork over $10/month for the service. To be honest, it’s actually… Read More

  • Review: TeleNav for the G1

    The GPS Navigation system has become a utility that is essential to travel, whether it be daily commute or cross country excursion. Once seen a luxury, this now-necessity has been a sweeping success all around the globe, allowing the world’s atlases right at your fingertip with near surgical precision in tracking and guidance. TeleNav, established veteran of the GPS marketplace, has… Read More

  • Telenav turn-by-turn for Android coming in 2 weeks

    Were you disappointed by this mornings news that the other nuvifone wouldn’t be sportin’ the droid? So were we. Then we realized it wasn’t so much because we cared for the new nuvifone, but because we just wanted turn-by-turn navigation on an Android phone. Turns out, we don’t have much longer to wait. According to their new product page, we should be using… Read More

  • TeleNav updates Shotgun firmware, new features abound

    TeleNav’s Shotgun PND is prepping for an update packed with two exciting features that should be launching in the next day or two. The Internet-connected GPS device will soon allow you to record miles driven and rate/review POIs. The data is stored and downloadable (Excel or PDF) from My TeleNav for up to two years. That should come in handy for the road warriors when submitting expenses… Read More

  • Contest: CrunchGear Loyalty Rewards Program

    We’ve been around for a few years now and we know that a lot of you have been following us since the beginning so we wanted to reward those folks. Think of it as our version of Best Buy’s Reward Zone program. Otherwise known as the CrunchGear Loyalty Rewards Program. TeleNav has always been supportive of us and so we’ve teamed up to give away a years worth of free service… Read More

  • TeleNav launches their own PND calls it the Shotgun

    It’s just another GPS, right? Is that what you’re thinking? While it is just a GPS the Shotgun from TeleNav brings a bit more than your standard Garmin. It’s somewhat comparable to the Dash as well, but we all know what happened to them. The Shotgun has a 4.3-inch LCD and connects wirelessly over a GSM network for real-time traffic updates and OTA upgrades: • Restaurant… Read More

  • TeleNav contest winners!

    Thanks to everyone for entering. The following readers came closest to the winning price of $4.095: Eric, Sam, and Cory. You’ll be receiving an e-mail soon, guys. Thanks for playing. Read More

  • CONTEST: Guess how much we’ll all be gouged by gas prices and win three months of free Telenav service!

    Hey, look – gas prices keep going up! How about that? We can’t save you any money on gas but we can give you three free months of TeleNav GPS service on your cell phone. There’s a feature that finds cheap gas in your nearby vicinity, too. Hey, I guess we CAN save you money on gas in a roundabout way. Here’s more info… TeleNav GPS Navigator includes access to updated… Read More

  • Review: TeleNav GPS Receiver

    I’ve had a couple weeks to fiddle around with TeleNav’s Bluetooth GPS receiver and there isn’t a whole lot to review other than the fact that it works great. It immediately synced with my T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve which is sans GPS via Bluetooth and I was on my merry way. Of course, it didn’t work while in NYC, which is sort of a given so I had to wait until I was… Read More

  • Contest: Worst. Valentine's. Ever.

    Now that the worst Hallmark holiday has passed us it’s time for a contest! Once again, TeleNav has been generous enough to give the lucky winner three free months of service. So how do you win? It’s pretty easy, really. Tell us over at BFF your worst Valentine’s Day horror story – getting lost on the way to your date, being stuck in traffic, not knowing where the… Read More

  • Hands on with TeleNav's GPS Receiver

    When I switched from the Sidekick Slide, I decided to stay with T-Mobile since I’m month-to-month with them rather than jumping to AT&T or Verizon or Sprint. So my BlackBerry Curve is sans GPS, but has Wi-Fi instead. It sort of evens out. Well, in the three weeks that I’ve been away I’ve done some driving and on a few occasions I forgot to bring my Helio Ocean, which meant… Read More