How the startup world is bringing digital nomadism closer to reality

Traveling the globe used to be relegated to gap years and retirement fantasies, but thanks to tech innovation and some forward-thinking startups, you can now see the world while you take the professio

WhatsApp-Facebook data-sharing deal probed by UK privacy watchdog

Well that was fast. Just one day after WhatsApp revealed a sea-change in its attitude to user data, by detailing plans to share the mobile numbers and last seen status of its users with parent company

The new paradigm for human-bot communication

Chatbots offer the promise of frictionless access to goods, services and information, but creating effective bots can be deceptively tricky. The flip side of the opportunity to interact with users in

Encryption under fire in Europe as France and Germany call for decrypt law

A fresh chapter of the crypto wars looks to be opening up in Europe, after the French and German interior ministers took to a podium yesterday to lobby for a law change that would enable courts to dem

Iran forces messaging apps to move data to Iranian servers

Companies behind popular messaging apps have a year to move all the data they have on Iranian users onto servers in Iran, according to Reuters. This raises concerns about privacy. The Iranian governme

A few words on chatbots

Lo and behold! A new wave of technology is preparing to crash down upon the unsuspecting consumer. Chatbots are surging towards our conversations at breakneck speed!

No, Google did not try to buy us, says Telegram founder

Reports in the Russian press that Google tried to acquire the Telegram messaging app last year for $1 billion have been firmly rebutted by Telegram founder Pavel Durov. The rumors had been widely repo

Telegram encourages devs to build useful bots with $1M giveaway

In the scramble to build bots that live up to the hype, messaging app Telegram has just announced a $1M giveaway to developers to try to incentivize them to build cool stuff. The messaging startup lau

Telegram beefs up its bot platform

Later today at its f8 developer conference Facebook is expected to unveil a big push into bots on its Messenger platform. So little surprise that rival messaging platform Telegram has taken the opport

Chatfuel lets publishers — and anyone — build bots for messaging apps

Chat has become the center of the smartphone universe, so it makes sense that bots are being used to deliver information in a convenient and engaging manner. But how do brands or media companies get s

Check out the new AI-powered TechCrunch news bot on Telegram messenger

We're excited to announce the launch of our first artificial intelligence-powered news bot on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram. We teamed up with Chatfuel to build the bot, and after a month

Instagram starts blocking ‘add me’ deeplinking for Snapchat, Telegram

Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram is flexing its platform muscle by shutting down 'add me' deeplinking for some other social media services within its apps.

Pro-ISIS Hacker Group Video Threatens Twitter, Facebook CEOs Over Account Suspensions

Twitter and Facebook have recently claimed to be stepping up their fights against extremist content being hosted on their platforms. Indeed, there is some evidence that certain tactics to counter extr

Encrypted Messaging App Telegram Hits 100M Monthly Active Users, 350k New Users Each Day

That didn’t take long. Telegram launched just two and a half years ago and is today announcing at Mobile World Congress 2016 it has 100,000,000 monthly active users. Shortly after launching, the

Study Of ISIS Extremists On Twitter Suggests Repeat Account Suspensions Do Take A Toll

A study of ISIS supporter activity on Twitter suggests the tactic of repeat account suspensions can take a toll on the spread of extremist propaganda on the platform.

WhatsApp Hits One Billion Users, Remains In Search Of Revenue

You know what’s cooler than a (several hundred)┬ámillion users? A billion users. Just over a week after announcing the scrapping of the Facebook-owned messaging service’s $0.99 annual fee,

Telegram Gets 1.5M+ Download Spike As Brazil WhatsApp Shutdown Kicks In

Messaging app Telegram is currently experiencing a bump in downloads in Brazil thanks to a local court ruling forcing a 48 hour shutdown of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Is Blocking Links To Rival App Telegram On Android

Facebook-owned messaging giant WhatsApp appears to have started deliberately blocking links to rival messaging app Telegram so users can't share clickable Telegram-associated URLs in their chats. The

After Paris Attacks, Telegram Purges ISIS Public Content

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, and amid ongoing operations to catch the perpetrators, with fears of further attacks swirling -- secure messaging app Telegram has shuttered a swa

Telegram Now Seeing 12BN Daily Messages, Up From 1BN In February

Pro-privacy secure messaging app Telegram is seeing some impressive usage growth this year. Here at TechCrunch Disrupt SF founder Pavel Durov revealed on stage the platform is now seeing 12 billion me
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