Facebook, Microsoft and others sign anti-cyberattack pledge

Microsoft, Facebook and Cloudflare are among a group of technology firms that have signed a joint pledge committing publicly not to assist offensive government cyberattacks. The pledge also commits th

5G needs a “new mindset” towards Internet rules, telcos warn

Carriers have kicked off the world’s biggest mobile phone tradeshow with calls for an “investment friendly framework” to fund rollouts of next-gen 5G network technology and level the

Wayra UK launches accelerator to tackle the ‘poverty premium’

Wayra, the Telefónica backed accelerator network, is launching a new startup program in the UK that aims to tackle the so-called 'poverty premium' -- whereby people on low incomes pay more for some data rewards app gets Telefónica co-branding push

London based has taken its first steps outside the UK, expanding its data sharing rewards platform into Germany -- where it's launched a co-branded version of the app with carrier o2 (called

Trocafone unlocks Latin America’s smartphone market selling certified, pre-owned phones

Sometimes it's a startup business, and not political power, that grows out of the barrel of a gun. At least, that's the story behind Trocafone, a Brazilian startup that just raised $7 million for its

CounterCraft bags $1.1M to fire up a security decoy play

Spain-based security startup CounterCraft, founded last September, has closed a €1 million ($1.1M) seed round to accelerate development of a b2b security decoy technology designed to engage hackers

How Mexico went from telecom laggard to mobile trailblazer

Twenty years ago only one out of 10 people in Mexico had a telephone of any kind. Today, more than 100 million people have cell phones and, more amazingly, more than 70 percent of those are smartphone

Telecoms open shop on Madison Avenue, but will brands buy?

Many companies have transformed and realigned their focus with great success. Avon transitioned from peddling books door-to-door to marketing beauty products. Wrigley started as a soap and baking soda

First Carrier-Backed Cyanogen Phone Launches In Europe

The Cyanogen flavor of open Android is getting a little carrier love in Europe, with Spain's Telefonica launching its first handset powered by the mobile OS today, the BQ Aquaris X5, on its Movistar c

Apple Rolls Out Carrier Billing For iTunes, Starting In Germany With O2

At long last, Apple is adding a way for people to pay for purchases on iTunes beyond credit or debit cards — a move that points to the company sharpening its focus on marketing the iPhone

Telefonica, Blackstone Launch Axonix, A Mobile Ad Exchange Built On Defunct MobClix Tech

<a target="_blank" href="">Telefonica</a>, the Spanish carrier with operations in 24 countries and 323 million customers, is making its latest bid to expand its business beyon

Tesla Pays Telefonica Millions To Power In-Car Wireless In UK, Germany, Spain, Holland

Those with a sharp eye who visited the Geneva motor show or who own a Model S in Europe may have already noticed a connection between Telefonica and Tesla by way of the "car connected by Telefonica" s

Telefónica Expands Wayra Accelerator Network To Asia Via Tie-Up With China’s VIV Incubator

Telefónica's global network of 14 Wayra Academies, which each incubate a yearly crop of tech startups in the hopes of spotting the next big thing so their carrier overlord doesn't have to, has gained

Line Messaging App Inks Deal With Carrier Telefónica For Exclusivity In Key Firefox OS Markets

The Line messaging app that spent last year pushing beyond its home market of Japan has inked a deal aiming to bolster its presence in markets in Latin America. Today it’s announcing a partnersh

Sold To Telefonica For $207M In 2009, Now-Neglected VoIP Provider Jajah Is Shutting Down

Chalk up another casualty in the consolidation of Internet voice services. Nearly four years to the day after getting <a href=""

Telefonica Takes A Strategic Stake In Rhapsody, Will Bring Napster Into Latin America, Deeper Into Europe

In the allegro-paced race between music streaming providers to see who will be the first to achieve profitable scale, today <a target="_blank" href="">Rhapsody</a> got a signifi

Pinterest Gets A Widget On Telefonica’s Android Handsets, A Deal That Will Give 316M Users Instant Access To Its Social Network

<a target="_blank" href="">Pinterest</a> is ramping up its business development with <a href="">new ad units</a>, and also

Accelerator Numbers — 20 Months In, Telefónica’s Wayra Shares Data On How It’s Fared So Far

Telefónica’s accelerator network Wayra is sharing some data exclusively with TechCrunch on how it’s fared so far in its young existence, including key metrics such as how much money it’s invest

Telefonica To Give Windows Phone 8 An Extra Push To Try To Dilute Android, iOS

Microsoft continues to throw money down the Windows Phone well, perhaps buoyed by signs its ongoing marketing and platform support efforts are shifting the needle a few fractions. Today more evidence

Telefonica Adds Samsung As A Carrier Billing OEM For Apps, Games, Music And More

<a target="_blank" href="">Telefonica</a> is today announcing a deal with <a target="_blank" href="">Samsung</a> that will see it make an even bigger mov
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