Can municipal broadband save the open internet?

No challenge around the future of the internet looms larger in the coming year than what to do in the aftermath of the repeal of net neutrality. Open internet proponents were stunned at last month’s

Facebook-backed Telecom Infra Project adds a new focus on millimeter wave tech for 5G

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP), the Facebook-backed open-source hardware and software group of over 450 telecom stakeholders like Broadcom, Intel, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica, SK Telecom

SoftBank lets Trump brag about creating jobs (he didn’t) so that it can buy T-Mobile

Yes, Trump is still talking about the same SoftBank fund that has nothing to do with him. In a convoluted turn of self promotion, the President-elect just revisited his not-so-humblebrag from earl

A maturing OpenStack looks to the future

OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform that allows enterprises to essentially run their own version of AWS in their data centers, was founded by NASA and Rackspace in 2010. Today, it&#821

Facebook’s OpenCellular is a new open-source wireless access platform for remote areas

Facebook is clearly very serious about its mission to connect the world and in the process, it has launched solar-powered drones that use lasers to connect to each other and the ground, and more pros

White House’s Deputy Tech Advisor Turns To Bartending Amid Shutdown

Here's a novel way to spend some mandatory vacation time: serve your fellow co-workers top-shelf alcohol. The government shutdown has most of Washington's public sector furloughed, so Tom Power -- the

2600hz, A New Way To Make The Data Center The New Telco And Replace Our Decomposing 19th-Century Phone System

<a target="_blank" href="">2600hz</a> is part of a new movement to turn the data center into the new telco. That's one way to puit it. Another is to realize that our 100-year ol

Silicon Valley Telecom Entrepreneurs Pivot: New Business Models Win 58% Of VC Investment And Carrier Revenues

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Steve Patterson's observations and writing are based on his 20 years working in the primordial ooze of start-ups in Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area.</em> Silicon Val

YC-Backed Plivo Launches Its Scalable API Platform For Voice & SMS Apps

<a target="_blank" href="">Plivo</a>, a telephony startup from the current Y Combinator batch, is today launching its API platform for voice and SMS applications. Despite the soun

Welcome To The Post-Carrier Future

<img src="" />For most of the last decade, the carriers have called the shots. Likened to <a HREF="

China "Outlaws" VoIP, Creates VoIP Reporting Hotline

<img src="">The State Ministry of Industry in China has "outlawed" VoIP calling, suggesting workers use good old China telecom f

Skype phone lands in the UK

Good news for our readers across the pond today. Skype and mobile provider 3 have partnered on a handset that will allow you to make free Skype calls using your account. Bearing a striking resemblance

Google Intends On Bidding In 700MHz Auction

It’s no surprise that Google was considering a bid in the FCC’s upcoming auction for the 700MHz spectrum. Now Google is saying that if the FCC allows the auction to proceed with open-acces

Sprint And Clearwire Strike Major WiMax Deal

Today Sprint and Clearwire announced that the two companies will be partnering to create a nationwide mobile broadband network. Using the 2.5GHz spectrum as the foundation, this network looks to be on

The iPhone Made People Switch To AT&T

One of the biggest concerns from other carriers regarding the iPhone was that customers would be jumping ship to go with AT&T. Sure, maybe a handful of iPhone buyers would switch, but how big of a

AT&T Buys Dobson Communications

During the extravaganzafest known as the iPhone launch, we somehow overlooked this AT&T purchase. Seems AT&T is hell-bent on becoming an absolute telecom behemoth. Now with the purchase of Dob

Bye-Bye Nextel

Sprint is striking out on its own and is wiping the Nextel brand from its slate. Seems the problem lies within botched advertising and a faulty network, which caused many customers to drop Sprint as a

T-Mobile To Get The iPhone In Europe

While the excitement over the iPhone builds here in the US with the upcoming June launch, Europe’s telecom companies are fighting over distribution rights. Right now, T-Mobile seems to be the bi

Moscow Getting WiFi Coin-Box Phones

An interesting little tidbit of information here. Comstar UTS and Moscow’s City Telephone Network will be teaming up to deliver 200 WiFi-enabled coin-box telephones throughout the city. These ph

Apparently, AT&T Thought The Future Would Be Like Robocop Way back in the early 1990s, AT&T put out a series of videos showcasing what its idea of a technology-filled future would be. The above video, whic
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