• SCINTIREX: Japanese Company Develops Radiation-Detecting Plastic

    SCINTIREX: Japanese Company Develops Radiation-Detecting Plastic

    Japanese chemicals company Teijin has developed a plastic that emits a blue light when exposed to radioactivity (pictured). Named SCINTIREX, the company expects the polyester-based resin to be used as a scintillator, a core part in radiation meters (radiation quantity can be calculated based on the level of luminescence). Teijin developed the plastic in cooperation with Kyoto University… Read More

  • Fukitorimushi: Panasonic's creepy cleaning robot (video)

    The so-called Fukitorimushi (“wipe-up bug” in Japanese), a cleaning robot of a very special kind, has been around for quite a while now. But what was showcased recently during a tech exhibition in Tokyo was the newest version. And the thing is still creepy as hell. Read More

  • New bendable silicon semiconductor chip may pave the way for fancier gadgets

    Major Japanese chemical company Teijin, in cooperation with California-based NanoGram, has developed a technology that makes it possible to produce bendable silicon semiconductor chips. This method could make it easier to manufacture curved solar panels, for example, that could be installed on uneven walls (the explanation for the picture: Teijin isn’t offering any pictures at this… Read More

  • New underwear burns body fat when worn

    Japan-based chemistry company Teijin announced the development of underwear that can burn away body fat. All that wearers need to do is let the fabric hug their skin to generate friction resistance when they go about their daily routines. Read More