tegra 2

  • Video: World's first Tegra 2 phone, the LG Star, vs iPhone 4

    If you’ve been drooling over that LG Tegra 2 powered 4″ beast that we recently spied, but wanting more than what a few spy shots can deliver, then check this out: there’s now a video available. The guys over at GSM Israel have managed to get their hands on the device, and have given it not only a thorough photo-shoot, but also a video. Read More

  • Possible Tegra 2 powered Motorola Olympus spyshots emerge

    Our brother-from-another-mother, Engadget, is currently showing off some super-secret spy-shots of what his tipster says is an upcoming Tegra 2 powered Motorola Olympus “iPhone killer”. Clichéd sentiments aside, what it does look like is a modified Motorola Defy, but — as Engadget point out — with an elongated speaker, different volume controls, and what could very well… Read More

  • Report: HTC Found A Maker For Its Tegra 2, Android Tablet

    Here comes Digitimes again with a report that places Pegatron as the manufacturer of an unannounced HTC tablet. Said tablet is supposed to have a 1280×720 multitouch panel, 32GB SSD, 2GB RAM as well as WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS all running on a Tegra 2 platform. It gets better, too. This tablet will even have access to both the Android Market and Chrome Web apps. How? We’re not sure… Read More

  • NVIDIA's Android tablet looks pretty sexy

    With a Tegra 2 Tegra 2-esque ARM A9-based processor confirmed Tegra 2 inside, 9.7″8.9″ wide screen, and a full gig of RAM, these tablets from Foxconn (unnamed and undated) look to be pretty serious pieces of hardware. They run Android, which I’ve always thought is unsuited for tablets that size, but hey, until something nicer comes out, it’s free and it works. More… Read More

  • Tegra 2 to be "twice as powerful," out in 2010

    Nvidia’s Tegra chip hasn’t even hit the market, but we know for fact that Tegra 2 is on its way next year. There’s no set timeframe, but we believe it will hit the market sometime during the summer or so its been hinted at. The first Tegra device to be released stateside will be the Zune HD in the fall. I’ve already seen what it can do with Windows CE on a handful… Read More