Techstars NYC 2013

TC’s Picks From TechStars NY Summer 2013 Class

We're here at the TechStars 2013 Summer class Demo Day, and the graduates are nothing short of delightful, from a service that helps church congregations make donations to a Fitbit for cars to a servi

SketchFab Aims To Be “YouTube For 3D Files”

Alban Denoyel founded Sketchfab on the observation that the internet lives largely in 2D but could easily become a 3-dimensional landscape. The website, which Denoyel is calling “YouTube for 3D

Concert App Jukely Rallies Groups of Friends, Then Sells Them Tickets

Jukely is a social concert app that helps friends get together a group to see a show and then acts as the ticketing agent. After quietly piloting in New York, Jukely formally launched at Techstars Dem