TechShop shuts down all US locations, declares bankruptcy

A bit of sad news for the maker community today: TechShop is shutting down nationwide. TechShop was pretty much heaven for the adventurous do-it-yourself'er. Imagine a big building filled with everyth

Former TechShop CEO Mark Hatch joins Network Society Ventures as General Partner

Early-stage venture firm Network Society Ventures has snagged TechShop’s former CEO and co-founder Mark Hatch as general partner. Hatch is recognized as a pioneer of the maker movement, is a cu

TechShop will open a 15,000 square foot location in Brooklyn next year

After years in the works, it’s finally happening: TechShop is opening up a Brooklyn location, TechCrunch has exclusively learned. It should be officially announced later today. For those unfamiliar

TechShop gets a new CEO

If you’re into building stuff and making things and live near a major city, you might’ve heard of TechShop. Like a gym for DIY-geeks, the idea is that they buy and maintain all sorts of cr

The Internet Applied To Things And The Third Industrial Revolution

There's a new vanguard creating the future of the U.S. manufacturing economy. Companies like MakerBot, TechShop and Kickstarter are playing a large part in fixing the breakdown between historical indu

TC Makers: TechShop, The SF Workshop Where Hardware Is Born

I get to meet some amazing people during our TC Makers shoots and TechShop CEO Mark Hatch is no exception. A former Green Beret, Hatch is the kind of guy who can build a PCB in the morning and run a m

In Which The Maker Faire Restores Your Humble Correspondent’s Faith In Humanity

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