Facebook’s Fischer And Lessin Say User Experience And Advertising Are Sides Of The Same Coin

Do Facebook's efforts to make money come at the cost of the user experience? Company executives David Fischer (vice president of marketing and business partnerships) and Sam Lessin (who heads the Iden

AKQA’s Tom BedecarrĂ©: In 2020, Apple Will Be The World’s Most Powerful Media Company

This afternoon's media-focused discussion at the Techonomy conference concluded with moderator Dave Morgan of <a target="_blank" href="">Simulmedia</a> asking panelists to pre

Jack Dorsey Tries To Break Out Of The Bubble By Riding The Bus “Every Single Day”

When Twitter struck a deal to move to San Francisco's mid-Market neighborhood, the tradeoff seemed pretty straightforward: In exchange for relocating to an economically challenged area, <a target="_bl

Ford CTO Paul Mascarenas On The Car Of The Future: Green, Automated, Maybe Not Even A Car

Some of <a href="">the speakers</a> at today's Techonomy Detroit conference talked about how entrepreneurship and techno

Steve Case Talks American Competitiveness And Finding The Next Wave

Detroit might seem like an odd place to hold a tech conference, but when Steve Case, CEO of <a target="_blank" href="">Revolution</a> and founder of AOL (TechCrunch's parent c

AOL Founder Steve Case On The JOBS Act: Not A Big Deal In Silicon Valley, ‘Really Important’ In Detroit

Steve Case, CEO of <a target="_blank" href="">Revolution</a> and founder of TechCrunch-owner AOL, was <a target="_blank" href="

Keen On… Tyler Cowen: Why The Internet Isn’t As Innovative As a Flushing Toilet (TCTV)

We are not nearly as innovative as we think we are. That, at least, is the view of <a href="">Tyler Cowen,</a> a professor of economics at George Mason univ

Appsfire Launches New Website, iPhone App For Much Improved App Discovery

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Appsfire</a>, the startup behind the eponymous <a href="https://tech

Interlude Makes Videos Truly Interactive

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Apparently musician <a href="">Yoni Bloch</a> is, besides a really nic

Fiddme Lets Foodies Share Their Favorite Dishes With The World

<img src="" class="shot2" /><a href="">Fiddme</a>, publicly launching in beta today, is a social network for foodies tha

SircleIt Makes It Easier For You To Get Help From Friends And Family

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Questions about the meaning of life? Stuck with an overweight dilemma? Sure, you could reach out to the masses w

AVG Takes 20% Stake In Zbang, Makers Of The Ultimate Social Inbox

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Such a silly name for such an amazing product. Those were my thoughts after interviewing the founder and CEO of <

Israeli Startups, let's meet up at Techonomy 2010

<img src="" class="shot2" />Israeli entrepreneurs and VCs, I'll be happy to meet as many of you as humanly possible in the span of 3-4 days

Israeli Startups, Let's Meet Up At Techonomy 2010

<img src="" class="shot2" />Israeli entrepreneurs and VCs, I'll be happy to meet as many of you as humanly possible in the span of 3-4 days