technical debt

SAP nabs German startup LeanIX to help companies modernize faster

As companies look to stave off technical debt, a process of aging systems limiting a company’s ability to modernize, the first step is simply understanding the state of your architecture. SAP announ

Chronic technical debt could be holding your company back

Companies mired in tech debt, with older, brittle systems, could face big issues when game changing technologies come along.

A prep checklist for startups about to undergo technical due diligence

Here's a detailed checklist C-level executives and managers can use to help VCs determine if your "codebase is safe enough for investment."

8 questions to answer before your startup faces technical due diligence

The themes of codebase health that great investors care about are also strategic decisions that help create code to support a great business.

Why a 35-year-old travel IT company decided to slash its technical debt

It's not just giants like Amadeus that face tech debt. Even much smaller companies have to deal with technical debt eventually and come to terms with massive technology changes.

Here’s how startups can prevent tech debt from piling up

Favoring a short-term plan to get a faster go-to-market option is not always bad, provided the business has a backup plan to deliver well-designed code that would simplify future iterations.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Slashing technical debt, IPO analysis, your first comms hire

Early-stage entrepreneurs eager to ship usually spend more time calculating their startup’s burn rate than selecting an optimal development environment. As a result, technical debt can accumulate.

How do you select the right tech stack?

Without a good technical foundation, you may end up accumulating a lot of technical debt.

How Segment redesigned its core systems to solve an existential scaling crisis

The systemic issues became apparent the way they often do -- when customers began complaining.

How Roblox completely transformed its tech stack

Picture yourself in the role of CIO at Roblox in 2017. At that point, the gaming platform and publishing system that launched in 2005 was growing fast, but its underlying technology was aging, consist

When choosing a tech stack, look before you leap

When it comes to choosing a tech stack, the decisions you make today could have a cascading impact for years.

Can we ever evaluate technical debt?

Every couple of months, I talk to an entrepreneur who is interested in building a marketplace for buying and selling app businesses (i.e. the actual IP and ownership of an app or other piece of softwa

How Trulia began paying down its technical debt

As every software company knows, over time as code ages and workarounds build on work-arounds, the code base becomes bloated. It becomes ever more difficult to get around the technical debt that you&#

How to make debt pay

Not all debt is bad debt. It’s conventional wisdom in the world of finance that the strategic use of debt builds better companies. The same is true for software. Companies that are strategic in thei

Technical Debt Will Kill You Dead (If You Let It)

A project I've been working on launched recently. Well, re-launched. A <a target="_blank" href="">slick little iPhone app</a> called <a targ