Toronto’s OneEleven launches space in London, but will its scale-up services fly?

Last time I checked, London was awash with co-working spaces, shared office spaces, spaces of every shape, size and color. If there’s one sector that always makes money during a boom, it’s the sec

TechHub’s new NYC site brings London startups Revolut, Aire, Cronofy, Callsign

Co-working and startup office leviathan WeWork continues to expand in London. It’s latest accounts show that it has £2 billion of lease commitments in the UK (25 offices in London and two in Manche

TechHub Expands Its Partnership With Google Into India, Latvia And Romania

UK-based startup community and workspace TechHub has been an international organization for some time, but now it is expanding its partnership with Google -- and the Google for Entrepreneurs program -

Tech Giants Sign Letter Against EU Laws To Hand Huge New Powers To ISPs

New European legislation which threatens net neutrality is set to go before the EU Parliament Tuesday. The EU is planning new rules it claims will ‘protect’ Net neutrality, but a leading legal exp

In Call For Startups To Build Apps For The Super Broadband Highway, BT And TechHub Launch Infinity Lab

More evidence that major telcos have caught the startup bug. This time it's the turn of <a target="_blank" href="">BT</a>, which this morning unveiled a partnership

TechHub Gets Mad For It — Brings Its Workspace And Startup Community To The UK’s Manchester

<a target="_blank" href="">TechHub</a>, the startup workspace and community, has announced that it's expanding its UK presence with the opening of TechHub Manchester. That's righ

First Pearson, now Google sponsors London's TechHub for startups

<img src="" class="shot2" />Google has <a href="">now joined</a> glo

Now Google Backs TechHub, The London Base For Startups

<img src="" class="shot2" />Google has <a href="">now joined</a> glo

London’s TechHub plans to be a mini-cluster for tech startups

<img src="" class="shot2" /><a href="">TechHub</a> (<a href="">@TechHub</a>), the project set

TechHub Aims To Be A London Base For UK, Euro And US Startups

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Europe to get a London TechHub for startups to meet and work in

<img src="" class="shot2" />Europe has no real equivalent to the big hothouse that is Silicon Valley, but it does have lots of tech clusters and ne