• Plus ça change

    Holiday weekends, especially the ones that bracket the summer months, tend to be stress tests for the tech media. With the proliferation of smart phones, social media aggregators, and of course the Twitter clonestakes, it’s now trivial to get a snapshot of what is going on throughout the “time off.” Is nothing going on? Has the TechMeme conversation dried up, as Robert… Read More

  • This Week On TechcrunchIT

    Our first week is over on TechcrunchIT and it has been a busy one. Steve Gillmor and I spent time with Salesforce, Sun, at Velocity with a super-smart guy about to join Twitter and with two other smart guys who have a new Javascript platform called SproutCore that Apple has taken a keen interest in. It was also a big week for Open Source as a business as we heard about rapid growth at RedHat… Read More

  • TechCrunching The Enterprise: TechCrunchIT

    We just launched TechCrunchIT, our newest property, with editors Steve Gillmor and Nik Cubrilovic. The site is focused on the enterprise tech space – all the software, technologies, standards, platforms, etc. that help companies do their thing, and form the building blocks of the products we feature on TechCrunch, MobileCrunch and our other blogs. TCIT will be a lot like TechCrunch… Read More