• TC50: AlfaBetic Translates Your Blog For A Worldwide Audience, Free of Charge

    AlfaBetic is a translation service that offers publishers a free way to have their content translated to ten of the web’s most popular languages, which it says will expose them 842 million potential new readers. The service first runs text through a computer, which is similar to the web-based translation systems offered by Google Translate and a number of other sites. After generating… Read More

  • Mark Cuban: "When I die, I want to come back as me"

    To round out the day’s schedule at TechCrunch50, Jason Calacanis interviewed Mark Cuban, the founder, HDNet, and several other companies. He has also been an angel investor for several startups including SlideShare, Goowy, RedSwoosh,, Calacanis’ own Weblogs, Inc and Mahalo. Below are our notes, which try to capture a fast-paced exchange that included… Read More

  • TC50: Postbox Takes On Outlook And Mac Mail With Smarter, Faster Email Client

    Postbox is desktop email application that includes a host of features that led judge Tim O’Reilly to call it a “personal information management client.” The company presented as part of today’s session on Language & Communication Tools, and comes from an experienced team that includes Scott MacGregor, one of the original developers of Mozilla’s Thunderbird… Read More

  • TC50: Sekai Camera for Social Tagging on the iPhone

    Sekai Camera (World Camera in Japanese) is an iPhone-exclusive social tagging service, developed by Tokyo-based mobile application provider Tonchidot. The presentation (and following Q&A) was pretty hard to understand because of the language barrier but Sekai Camera turned out to be a crowd-pleaser nonetheless. Read More

  • TC50: Swype, Truly Gesture-based Data Entry

    Swype is an amazing gesture-based data entry system that truly blew our collective minds at TC, CG, and MC. To type, you simply connect letters together using a stylus or finger and predictive text to pick letters and words out of seemingly unintelligible squiggles. Above is a video of two of the judges trying out the technology for the first time. (VC Josh Kopelman, who tries it first in… Read More

  • Are Linux Programmers Getting Too Fat?

    TechCrunch50 company FitBit (which demoed its health activity monitoring device live as well) put up this slide to underscore its point that obesity is a growing problem, particularly in the geek world. The slide shows how the distribution of T-shirt sizes at the Linux Symposium has shifted towards the XL and XXL side of the scale. I’m convinced. Linux programmers need FitBit. Read More

  • TC50: Mytopia Wants To Help The World Play Together

    Today at TechCrunch 50, Mytopia debuted their cross-platform development framework RUGS. The idea is simple: code once, and an application is automatically translated for compatibility on a range of mobile and Web platforms. RUGS applications are running natively on each platform, with porting solutions for Flash and every major mobile operating system. They demonstrated support for… Read More

  • TC50: FitBit, A Fitness Gadget That Makes Us Want To Exercise

    The first “gadget” we’ve seen at TC50 is the FitBit, a wireless 3D pedometer and diet monitoring system that will cost $99 and connect online to upload activity levels and food intake. The device clips to almost any piece of clothing and is almost invisible. When you pass by the wireless base station the FitBit transmits all of its collected data and transmits it to the… Read More

  • The Real Reason For TC50: Web Celeb Cage Fighting

    Loren Feldman v. Loic Le Meur. FIGHT! Introducing Robert Scoble as Don King. Read More

  • TC50: ExchangeP to Bring Fantasy Stock Trading to Private Companies

    ExchangeP wants to change the way you trade companies. Sure, you can do it with real money for public companies, but ExchangeP wants to let you do that with private companies. By default, each company will get 1 million outstanding shares and once users sign up, they will have $100,000 to spend on their investments. Once the company is added to the listing, it can be traded in the market until… Read More

  • TC50: Me-trics Will Find Correlations In Your Life

    Me-trics wants to be “Google analytics for your life.” By doing that, it collects data from countless places on the Web based on your activity and will let you input data like blood pressure or stress level to find correlations between something you have observed and the data you input. The startup presented today during the Collaboration session of TechCrunch50. You can watch… Read More

  • TC50: iCharts Wants To Be The YouTube For Charts

    Today, you will find 900 billion charts offline but only 40 million charts online. Because of that, iCharts believes it currently must be too difficult to bring charts online. So it has developed an easy way to create, share, and embed interactive charts. The self-proclaimed “YouTube for interactive charts,” iChart provides a way for users to take data they created with other… Read More

  • TC50: Tingz Adds More Widgets to Your Life

    Tingz has developed shareable widgets that work across multiple platforms such as the phone, computer, and TV. They can be used to manage and synchronize your data across these devices. Tingz works on Mac OS X, the iPhone, and in Windows Media Center. In each, the interface is basically the same, which Tingz believes is the most useful feature it offers. And what it offers is quite… Read More

  • TC50: PersonalRIA Matches Individual Investors With The Pros

    PersonalRIA is a service that helps you monitor your portfolio and connect you with reliable investment advisors who can better manage your investments. After signing up for PersonalRIA, users can start looking for investment advisors. The site gives the users information about why they buy or sold each stock, full disclosure about the advisor, and specific information about their trading… Read More

  • Live: Twenty Questions For The Venture Capitalists At TechCrunch50

    Erick Schonfeld and Mark Pincus just took the stage at TechCrunch50 to ask twenty (or so) questions to top venture capitalists, most of which were submitted by readers. Sumant Mandal (Clearstone Venture Partners), George Zachary (Charles River Ventures), Roelof Botha (Sequoia Capital), Raj Kapoor (Mayfield Fund) and Ross Levinsohn (Velocity Interactive Group) participated. My real time… Read More

  • TC50: IMINDI Wants To Get Inside Your Head

    What if you could expand your own thoughts by collecting everyone else’s and connecting them to your mind? IMINDI wants to help you do just that by creating a “mind map” that connects thoughts and ideas. IMINDI’s mind map is chart showing thoughts and those that branch off from them. Users can click on thoughts to see which thoughts on connected to them. IMINDI calls… Read More

  • TC50: Mixtt Hooks Up Groups for Dating, Other Activities

    Mixtt believes that social networks don’t do everything they should. Instead of focusing on just one person, Mixtt thinks that the best way for people to use social networks is to socialize outside the online world and do so in groups. Mixtt lets you sign up with your friends and give your group a name. Once complete, you can start adding events to your group calendar and find other… Read More

  • TC50: Popego Tailors the Social Graph to Your Interests

    Popego helps people find more meaning in their social graphs online. The Argentinean startup presented today during the Collaboration session of TechCrunch50 and has just launched its service into public beta. You can watch the video of Popego’s presentation here. Once signed up for Popego, you can add usernames from all of your social networks (passwords are not required). The service… Read More

  • Day One Recap TechCrunch50

    What a day. 1,700 people streamed into the San Francisco Design Center at 9 am on Monday morning to help launch the first group of 52 startups at TechCrunch50. Dozens more startups were camped out in the demopit. First, the bad news. The internet was down completely for half the day, and never really worked that well even when it was up. We had dedicated access for the launching companies, so… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 Livestream: Day 2 by Ustream We’ll be streaming TechCrunch50 here all day so everyone can see the conference’s demos for themselves as they happen. You can also find our written coverage of the conference here and coverage from other news outlets below. Update:Done for the day. Come back tomorrow. Read More

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