• TC50: Widget-Happy Bloggers Can Express Their Personal Brands With SealTale

    Bloggers love to have widgets and badges on their sites that communicate their personal brand in the form of interests, causes, and affiliations. Korean startup SealTale is tapping into the widget craze by making it easy for bloggers to create widgets that express their affinity to particular interest groups and products. The TechCrunch50 finalist lets bloggers pick “seals”… Read More

  • TC50: More Cowbell! Tweens Can Mix Their Own ToonsTunes In A Virtual Studio

    As social networks target younger and younger audiences, ToonsTunes is taking a musical approach. Announced today at TechCrunch50, its virtual world for tweens takes place in a space station where their avatars live in personal pods and can record songs in a virtual studio called the Mix-O-Matic. In the Mix-O-Matic they create tracks by selecting from thousands of different instrumental… Read More

  • TC50: Unlocking Learning Through Videos And Games With Clasemovil

    Kids today with their YouTube and video games, how do they expect to learn anything? Alex Moctezuma has an idea. How about teaching them with games and videos. Moctezuma is the CEO of Mexican startup Clasemovil, which he just showed a demo of at TechCrunch50. Clasemovil is a fun learning community aimed at K-12th grade across Latin America. It is filled with hundreds of interactive lessons… Read More

  • TC50: Story Something Maximizes Story Time For Time-Starved Parents

    Every parent knows how important story time is for their kids. It is a ritual, an opportunity to connect, and a learning moment. But too often it gets crammed into the few minutes left at the end of the day before putting them to bed. The average working mom spends two hours a day with her children, but only 4.5 minutes of that time is devoted to reading. Working fathers are even more… Read More

  • TC50: Penn & Teller Show Off Their iPhone Magic Trick

    The magicians Penn & Teller have this card trick. Except it’s not really a card trick, it’s an iPhone app. You tell a friend that you know Penn & Teller and that they can guess cards remotely. To prove it you ask them to name a card, then you pull out your iPhone and tell your friend to send an SMS message to Penn (or sometimes it’s Teller). They always respond… Read More

  • Live From TechCrunch50

    And so it begins. The finalists are prepped and double-prepped. The Demopit companies are overflowing in the halls. And we are about to start this year’s TechCrunch50. For all of you following along at home (or the office), we’ll be streaming the conference live via Ustream here on TechCrunch as well as on the TechCrunch50 website. You can also vote for your favorite startups… Read More

  • The List Of Startups Presenting At TechCrunch50

    TechCrunch50 has begun and we are thrilled to announce the 46 startups that were chosen from more than 1,000 applications from 39 different countries. Here’s a list of the 46 companies that are launching over the next few days. Remaining companies are to be determined and will be chosen from the DemoPit. You can follow along from home (or the office), we’ll be streaming the… Read More

  • DotSpots Launches Collaborative Annotation Platform To The Public

    DotSpots, a TechCrunch50 startup that demo’d its product last year, received a good amount of buzz and even a compliment from judge Marissa Mayer. Today, the startup is launching its annotation platform to the public, after thousands of people signed up to use the service over the past year. DotSpots’ service is simple—it lets users annotate any part of a web page, from a… Read More

  • Countdown To TechCrunch50, And Some Advice From Veterans

    It’s less than a day before the third annual (and third sold out) TechCrunch50 launch event in San Francisco. Fifty startups are preparing to launch their new products on stage in front of thousands of people. Are they nervous? Yep. But its all part of a rite of passage into the wonderfully chaotic world of being a startup entrepreneur. A bunch of good articles giving advice to… Read More

  • More Mad Money For TechCrunch50 Startups. Partners Now Giving Away $1.3 Million In Free Advertising.

    Every startup needs exposure. So as part of TechCrunch50, we’ve signed up some major partners to give $1.3 million worth of advertising to the startups launching at the conference next week. We’ve already announced the first $1 million of this advertising from Facebook, Google (Youtube), Microsoft (Bing) and MySpace. They are being joined in their generosity by Break Media… Read More

  • TechCrunch50: Dick Costolo, Satish Dharmaraj, Bradley Horowitz, George Zachary and Lior Zorea join Panel of Experts

    TechCrunch50 is less than a week away, and we’re putting the final touches on what will be a jam-packed two days of startup launches, hallway pitches, and new ideas. We’re proud to announce new Twitter COO and FeedBurner founder Dick Costolo, RedPoint Ventures partner and Zimbra founder Satish Dharmaraj, Google Apps product VP Bradley Horowitz, Charles River Ventures partner… Read More

  • Not Bullshit: Penn & Teller Launching New Product At TechCrunch50

    We guard the final 50 new products and startups that launch at TechCrunch50 closely, and don’t let anyone know the final list until the day of the event (not even press gets the list). But we also generally pre-announce one of the presenting companies to give the audience a taste of what’s to come. And this year, I’m very proud to announce that Penn & Teller will be… Read More

  • The Great $100,000 Retweet #TechCrunch50 Ticket Giveaway

    The following message is brought to you by TechCrunch50 co-host Jason Calacanis. In order to build excitement for the TechCrunch50 conference we’ve convinced the bean counters at TechCrunch HQ to let us give away one $2,500 ticket a day for the next 45 days. That’s more than $100,000 worth of TechCrunch50 tickets. So, if you’re broke, laid off or too cheap to buy a ticket… Read More

  • Have Three Days To Spare? Get The Entire TechCrunch50 Conference On BitTorrent

    If you weren’t one of the 1,800 people who attended TechCrunch50 earlier this month to watch 52 startups launch, and didn’t catch the UStream live stream of the event, don’t worry. You can download around 25 hours of live footage – the entire three day conference – if you’ve got the room on your hard drive. The BitTorrent links are below. Each file is about… Read More

  • Gives You Even More to Enjoy From TechCrunch50, a media company that specializes in providing videos for business-oriented individuals, was busy at TechCrunch50 this past month. The company recorded videos with over 30 companies and has posted them to its site for the world to see. Want to find out what Me-trics had to say after it got off stage? Interested in a one-on-one discussion with Yammer about how the company works? You… Read More

  • Tonchidot Madness: The Video

    [ By far, the biggest crowd pleaser at last week’s TechCrunch50 was a demo by the Japanese startup Tonchidot for a mobile social tagging product it is developing called Sekai Camera. The Japanese CEO Takahito Iguchi overcame a very noticeable language barrier and deflected serious questions from the judges through sheer will of character. He… Read More

  • TC50 Startup Mobclix Now Offers Stats On Every iPhone App

    Want to drill down to see how different iPhone apps are doing? You can click around iTunes and collect your own data, or you can visit the Application Ranking section of Mobclix and see the breakdown of iPhone apps in each category. Paid apps still outnumber free apps. Of the 3,420 apps in the iTunes App Store, a full 2,604 (76 percent) are paid, and only 816 are free. (About the same… Read More

  • TechCrunch50 (DemoPit): MyJambi Founder Fetches Coffee For Other Startups

    Last week at TechCrunch50, a slew of great companies were showing off their services in the DemoPit. And although not all of them were able to fully show off how their sites could work on-site, one company, MyJambi, was lucky enough to do just that. MyJambi is a social marketplace where users can buy and sell services online without the use of anonymous service postings. Anything from… Read More

  • Evan Williams Gives Day After Notes On TechCrunch50 Companies

    Twitter cofounder Evan Williams (pictured right, with Tim O’Reilly) will certainly be invited back as an expert panelist at next year’s TechCrunch50 conference. in addition to taking a half day to judge nine of the launching startups, he wrote a long blog post today with his “day after” notes, saying “I find most of the implications of a product or company, if… Read More

  • TC50: TrueCar May Keep Car Dealers More Honest

    TrueCar joins GoodGuide in helping consumers obtain more information about the products they buy – information that sellers don’t necessarily want them to have. In TrueCar’s case, that information is simple yet elusive: just how much you should pay for a new car. TrueCar aggregates data from a variety of (mostly unnamed) sources to determine how much money other people have… Read More

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