TechCrunch Tokyo 2016

Japanese unicorn Mercari is gunning for eBay’s crown

After raising a $75 million investment at a $1 billion valuation earlier this year, Mercari announced it has seen more than 20 million app downloads in the U.S. The company started a North American hi

These are the TechCrunch Tokyo 2016 pitch competition winners

You've probably heard of TechCrunch Disrupt, but we run events all over the world. This week, it's all about Tokyo. Twenty startups were battling for a spot in the final. The judges were ruthless. Wel

This is a Kendama! This is a IoT! Uh! Dendama.

The Ken plays the starring role in the traditional Japanese Kendama game. It's a cup-and-ball juggling toy that hasn't seen much disruption since the 17th century. Until now, that is. Dendama is an In

Bonx brings tunes and talk to the slick and slippery slopes

Electronics and water go together like, well, electronics and water. But how are you going to talk to your friends when you're knee deep in snow or plunging down a mountainside on a bike? Bonx to the