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  • Cautiously Optimistic: CrunchBase Q2 Report Shows Upticks In VC Funding and Exits

    Is the worst behind us? The broad worldwide recession hit the venture capital and startup communities hard last year. Memories of the NASDAQ meltdown and venture capital “nuclear winter” earlier this decade sent everyone into a tizzy as they feared a repeat performance—venture dollars froze and hundreds of thousands of tech workers were laid off. But it appears that the worst… Read More

  • Win A Ticket To The Real-Time Stream CrunchUp This Friday

    For the past few weeks, TechCrunchIT editor Steve Gillmor and I have been pulling together speakers and demos for our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp this Friday. What started as a roundtable and a few demos, quickly grew into a full-fledged mini-conference with 45 speakers, including nearly 20 startup and product demos. Other than TechCrunch50, I’ve never seen so many CEOs and companies… Read More

  • Austin Was A Blast Last night was our big MeetUp in Austin, and it was a blast. The guys from DadLabs made the video above, which somehow manages to both mock and honor the event at the same time. (They also helped us livestream our Web Grassroots panel, which at one point drew an online audience of 2,600 people). As you can see in the video above, the place was packed with… Read More

  • Final 100 Tickets For Grassroots Roundtable And Austin MeetUp

    Next week is our MeetUp in Austin, Texas, but before we party we are going to tackle the issue of how to use the Web to build grassroots support for a business, a cause, or a political candidate. Everyone loves to give lip service to grassroots campaigns, but do they really scale? When do they work and when is it best to use traditional mass marketing and outreach? To help answer these… Read More

  • Austin Roundtable: The Web Starts At The Grassroots (100 Tickets Available)

    Today, we are releasing 100 tickets for “The Web Starts at the Grassroots” Roundtable Discussion prior to the TechCrunch Austin Ventures Meet-Up at Pangaea. Tickets are $50, with all of the proceeds benefiting the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The Roundtable will be held at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center located on the University of Texas at Austin… Read More

  • Voilà le TechCrunch meetup in Paris

    TechCrunch meetups are happening nearly everywhere. There is no reason they should not happen in France either, where there is a vibrant TechCrunch community (TechCrunch France is one of the main French blogs). The idea of a Paris meetup started actually very casually a couple of weeks ago as I was just twitting about it. The event is now sold out but we might have a few more tickets to give… Read More

  • Announcing A Grassroots Roundtable And 100 Tickets Available For TechCrunch MeetUp in Austin

    Today, we are releasing 100 additional tickets for the TechCrunch Meet-Up in Austin, Texas with the team from Austin Ventures. As previously reported, we are in town on Thursday, September 25 just in time for the Austin City Limits music festival. Get your tickets now, as we only expect to release one additional round of tickets prior to the event. We do have a handful of three day ACL… Read More

  • TechCrunchUK Voted Best Business Blog In The UK

    It’s been about a year since TechCrunch UK relaunched under the capable hands of editor Mike Butcher, and his hard work is paying off. Readers of the Computer Weekly have voted it the best Web 2.0 and business blog in the UK. Congratulations, Mike. He was also named one of the top 100 media personalities in the UK by the Independent and invite-only, hoi-polloi social club the Hospital. … Read More

  • CrunchNetwork Singapore Meet-up

    Greg from MobileCrunch here. I’m in Singapore for CommunicAsia and would love to sit down with some CrunchGear/TechCrunch readers for a meet-and-greet. Drop me a line at or call +1 201-951-6516. Update: We are meeting at Zouk at 8 pm, contact me for further details Read More